7 Verbs to Use for the Word microphone

Mr. Conrad Cooke said, "The first and most striking principle of Hughes' microphone is a shaking and variable contact between the two parts constituting the microphone."

I will now describe two microphones in which there is a shaking or jolting motion, and loose contacts, and no variation of pressure of the carbons against one another, and both of these microphones when used with an induction coil and battery give most excellent articulation.

It is said that a very ingenious American, named Drawbaugh, had anticipated all the inventors of every part of the telephone system; that he had invented a receiver before Bell; that he had invented the compressed carbon arrangement before Edison; that he had invented the microphone before our friend Professor Hughes; and that, in fact, he had done everything on the face of the earth to establish the claims set forth.

" Mark opened the microphone.

This consisted of a pair of rods to convey the sound vibrations to the ears, and does not at all resemble the modern electrical microphone.

I say brightly, "Hullo!... Hullo!" I shake the microphone.

" Lurton Zimbardo shut off the microphone in the control center of the asteroid.

7 Verbs to Use for the Word  microphone