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136 Verbs to Use for the Word mills

And how thou'rt doomed to turn the mill all night, Fatigued, harassed?

So he bought a mile o' forest an' built a mill, an' they do say things is hummin' up to the new settlement.

But the millwright, after the dam was completed, having artfully obtained his permission to use the waste water, and fraudulently erected there a common water-mill, which soon obtained all the neighbouring custom, he had sold out that property, and resorted to the agency of gunpowder, which is quite as philosophical a process as that of congelation, and much less expensive.

It's like working a tread-mill, and it rattles and bangs about until you think every minute it must all be coming to pieces.

He has, too, a large grist and saw mill, which are put in motion by the explosion of gunpowder.

As she left the mill those sultry evenings, with the heat mists still tremulous over the valley and heat lightnings bickering in the west, she went with a lagging step up the village street, not looking, as had been her wont, first toward the far blue mountains, and then at the glorious state of the big valley.

The youth once loved Nature after this somewhat gross and material fashion, for the berries she gave him, the flowers she wove in his hair, and the brooks that drove his mimic mills.

"Cotting," called Mr. Merrick, "how do they run the paper mill at Royal?" "'Lectricity! 'Lectricity, sir!" answered half a dozen at once.

At Arundel, for example, we see what rent was paid by a mill; and there still stands at Arundel an old mill whose foundations might have been laid before the Conquest.

It was he who first established the mill at Millville; so, in marrying a descendant of Little Bill Thompson, Joe Wegg had become quite the most important resident of Chazy County, and the young man was popular and well liked by all who knew him.

Even in great manufacturing towns, it is very common, when passing cotton mills at work, to hear some fine psalm tune streaming in chorus from female voices, and mingling with the spoom of thousands of spindles.

The evidences of this fact increased, as the stream was ascended, until the travellers reached the mill, when it was found that the spirit of destruction, which so widely prevails in the loose state of society that exists in all new countries, had been at work.

Back of the house was a thatched shelter under which he had constructed a little sugar mill.

"The comp'ny what owns the mill keeps a store there for the workmen, an' none of 'em come much to Millville.

In the course of my explorations I found no fewer than five mills located on or near the lower edge of the Sequoia belt, all of which were cutting considerable quantities of Big Tree lumber.

The Indians cannot be far off, and he must be with them, or in their hands; else would he return alter having visited the mills and the houses beneath the cliffs.

Most of the Fresno group are doomed to feed the mills recently erected near them, and a company of lumbermen are now cutting the magnificent forest on King's River.

"You might buy the old mill and turn it into a newspaper office.

Therese, Gregoire's widow, arrived with her offspring, her son Robert, who now managed the mill under her control, and her three daughters, Genevieve, Aline, and Natalie, followed by quite a train of children, ten belonging to the daughters and four to Robert.

A disastrous and hateful quarrel had set the mill, where Gregoire reigned supreme, against the farm which was managed by Gervais and Claire.

Fitzgerald S. Parker, Jr. & William Paxton Parker (C); 25Mar54; R127395. PARKER, JACKSON V. Analytic system for the measurement of the relative fire hazard of cottonseed oil mills.

" "They've got a saw-mill.

You've seen electricity running the newspaper press, and the same current has operated the big paper mills at Royal.

Stanley's Bill of 1843 attracted all the produce of the West to the St. Lawrence, and fixed all the disposable capital of the province in grinding mills, warehouses, and forwarding establishments.

Beginning with Weems's "Life of Washington" when a mere lad, he perseveringly read, through all his fortunes, all manner of books,not only during leisure hours by day, when tending mill or store, but for long months by the light of pine shavings from the cooper's shop at night, and in later times when traversing the country in his various callings.

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