16 Verbs to Use for the Word millstone

He had a thin face with a sharp nose that looked as if it would peck you, and grey eyes that could pierce a millstone if there was a guinea on the far side of it.

Hamed said to him: "By the Lord, I cannot lift a small rock, and this man hangs a millstone to his neck."

" The prince repeated these words to Hamed, who said: "The task you give me is harsh, nevertheless I will bring her to you," He set out on the way, and came to a place where he found a man pasturing a flock of sheep, carrying a millstone hanging to his neck and playing the flute.

He reports the presence here of mines and minerals, but with the exception of an "abandoned tampu" at Maracnyoc ("the place which possesses a millstone"), he makes no mention of any ruins.

'A millstone,' he replied.

A celebrated Hindu poet of Upper Hindustan; his poetry is of a sombre hue, but natural and sympathetic; the simile here is, that no creature has yet survived the pressure of the heavens and the earth; the heavens, being in motion, representing the upper millstone, and the earth (supposed to be at rest), the lower millstone.

The prehensile toes gathered in the trove, the foot gently rose and the fingers of the pendant left hand secured the disc, while the body swayed with the strenuous circlings of the right hand chat revolved the heavy upper millstone.

Therewith that churl drew back and took his great iron-shod club in both hands and struck at Sir Launcelot a blow that would have split a millstone.

The shepherd took the millstone from his neck, and the sheep were changed into stones.

"Now the Holy Mother presarve your eyesight, Tim Coolin," answers St. Piran, pulling it in, "if ye can't tell a plain millstone at foive paces!

Advise him, show him that he will tie a millstone around his neck, ruin his whole life.

By the waterside a stout oaken crane was unloading millstones, wheeling backwards and forwards on its axis.

Compare Soon as the blessed flame had taken up The final word to give it utterance Began the holy millstone to revolve,

" He who wore millstones hanging from his neck said, "I can lift it."

He who had fastened millstones to his feet led the march, and they all went joyously forward, making a great noise.

Not far from this spot I found another millstone that would have fitted the one I had left and made a complete mill.

16 Verbs to Use for the Word  millstone