212 Verbs to Use for the Word moons

Moment by moment, the acceleration of time continued; so that, at nights now, I saw the moon, only as a swaying trail of palish fire, that varied from a mere line of light to a nebulous path, and then dwindled again, disappearing periodically.

I watched the moon as it dropped slowly down the sky.

Now the Duchess, being come to her chamber, lifted her hands and tore the ducal circlet from her brow and cast it from her, and, thereafter, laid by her rings and jewels, and coming to the open casement fell there upon her knees and reached forth her pale hands to where, across the valley, the dark forest stretched away, ghostly and unreal, 'neath the moon.

Clear shone the moon, my mansion walls Towered white above the wood, Near, down the dark oak avenue An humble cottage stood.

"We of the East learned this true size of the earth over six thousand years ago, from observing the moons of Jupiter.

" Dido let her eyes fall on the deck, according to the custom of all brides, let their colour be what it may; manifested a proper degree of confusion, then curtsied, turned her full moon-face so as to resemble a half-moon, and answered, with a very suspicious sort of a sigh "Yes, Masser Mile, dat jest so.

Behind the clouds hung a full round moon which gave some light, although it was out of sight.

The piece takes its name from the first operatic scene, which represents a huge silver moon that gradually wanes, whilst a song, 'Within this happy world above', is performed.

Thus it chanced that, coming abreast of the point during our time of watching, we peered very earnestly to leeward; for the night was dark, having no moon until nearer the morning; and we were full of unease in that we had come so near again to the desolation of that strange continent.

Then arm and arm up the million-candle-power flare of Broadway, content, these two who had never seen a lake reflect a moon, or a slim fir pointing to a star, that life could be so manifold.

We reached the land of the great mountains, and there, with our people of those regions, we spent some moons.

But I know what it means when I hear the dogs a-baying the midnight moon.

The chief himself made it plain to Joel that the young man had lost his arm ten moons before in a combat with a grizzly bear.

Could I demolish with mine eye Strong towers, stop the fleet stars in sky, Bring down to earth the pale-faced moon, Or turn black midnight to bright noon; Though all things were put in my hand As parched, as dry as the Libyan sand Would be my life, if charity Were wanting.

I threw it at the robbers, with an intention to frighten them away, and set the poor bee at liberty; but, by an unlucky turn of my arm, it flew upwards, and continued rising till it reached the moon.

And she saw Morfe, gray as iron, on its hill, bearing the square crown and the triple pendants of its lights; she saw the long straight line of Greffington Edge, hiding the secret moon, and Karva with the ashen west behind it.

" As he spoke, the stranger faced the moon, in a manner that threw all of its mild light upon his features.

Only the wind's muffled roar, And the glisten Of tears 'round the moon.

On these occasions I am sure to be in good-humour for a week or two after, and enjoy a reflected honey-moon.

And Ba-ree found the moon, and left his kill.

On that clear, mild night, the blue luminous tinge of whose moon she remembered so vividly, they walked up and down, they passionately embraced, they felt the end of life and the mystery of death, and then at last when the young man said: "I'll go!

Speak!" "Not here, my lordbut, an thou would'st learn more, come unto Hangstone Waste at the full o' the moon, stand you where the death-stone stands, that some do call the White Morte-stone.

I am not able to say what effect these representations of the Brahmin would have produced, if they had not been taken up and enforced by the political rival of him who had first opposed our departure; but by his powerful aid they finally triumphed, and we obtained a formal permission to leave the moon whenever, we thought proper.

" She did not speak again, but lay looking at the ceiling until long after the moon had risen,the waning moon, that comes up so weirdly, late in the night, like a spectre of light appointed to haunt the solemn old earth, and punish it with the remembrance of a brighter, better light gone, and a renewed consciousness of its own once unformed, chaotic existence.

"By the exercise of penance," responded Ananda, "in virtue of which the austere devotee quells the winds, allays the waters, expostulates convincingly with tigers, carries the moon in his sleeve, and otherwise performs all acts and deeds appropriate to the character of a peripatetic thaumaturgist.

212 Verbs to Use for the Word  moons
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