133 Verbs to Use for the Word moves

The first words I heard came from the sergeant, who said: "Now look a-heah, Massa Bill, ef you makes a move we'll blow you off de farm, shuah!"

Jack saw this move and called: "Wait a minute, Harris!" Harris stayed his spring and Jack again advanced to his side.

This they watched her move, and saw her lie down upon it.

She heard Johnnie move, and added, "Tell everybody that I can't be seen.

"All the same, he knows his job and has got one move up.

Each side knows the other's moves; there is no deceit about it.

"I promise you I'll think out every move on the board.

He felt her move and tremble, as if she struggled in the grip of the sand, and then lift buoyantly.

"You had better wait and hear it from Dick," he said, suggesting a move towards the drawing-room.

I didn't dare to eat anything, hardly dared move, which Hohenlohe remarked, after seeing three or four dishes pass me untouched, and said to me: "I am afraid you are ill; you are eating nothing."

] A few of his intimates came down to see the last of him, and Miss Nugent, who in some feminine fashion regarded the move as a triumph for her family, passed by several times.

For over an hour thereafter he awaited the next move in the game.

Over the breakfast Joe planned the next move, and, when they had done, communicated it to 'Frisco Kid.

Then he stopped to consider his next move, and after a little deliberation resolved to pay a visit to Jem Hardy and acquaint him with the joyful tidings.

Comfort her, but do not let her move.

"It would be pretty poor, I reckon, if I could get up there," he added, not meaning that it would be "pretty poor" at all, but, on the contrary, a very good move indeed.

However, I tried a new move.

Then it will be possible for managers and all others to use all of their energies wholly for progressive work rather than using a large part of their time and energy explaining each move to the investors.

I don't understand this move.

Then France and Russia felt compelled to meet Germany's move by increasing their armies also, extending, as she had done, the time of compulsory military service inflicted upon their poorer classes.

So the zealot finds the gymnasium insufficient long before he has learned half the moves.

Can we kneel with tears and bid the strong sun move Away from the sky?

There, they said, the company had assembled to discuss the next move, and great confusion prevailed as the excited members gave voice to their bitterest fears.

He prevented that move by catching her hands.

Once again it was masterly pawn play which brought Crewe a fine victory, and aged chess enthusiasts who followed every move of the game with trembling excitement, declared afterwards that Crewe's conception of this particular game had not been equalled since Morphy died.

133 Verbs to Use for the Word  moves
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