8 Verbs to Use for the Word mummery

We determined to carry the "Mummery" to the top of the mountain to use while taking observations.

and Charles is this moment expecting his mummeries at St. John Pied de Port!

But, since I should be very sorry were a Jew to hold up to me the mummeries of Popery or of the Greek Church, as the mirror of my own religion, I am not disposed to animadvert upon the generally decorous worship of European Israelites.

"You have been too occupied with other things, brothertoo busy, you might say, with worldly matters to search for the spirit that pervades what you call 'mummery.'

Procession after procession now began to reappear, for all had made the circuit of the city, and each had repeated its mummeries so often that the actors grew weary of their sports.

In a half dreamy state she had seen all this terrible mummeryno mummery to her; for she thought it real: and as every one stood forward by name, she often said to herself, "When will it be Johnnie's turn, poor man?

It is true the prestige of respected names will rise up to oppose the new views, which, I confess, to be sustained in their main features by my own views and researches here on the ground and in the midst of the Indians, and men will rise to sustain the old viewsthe original literary mummery and philological hocus-pocus based on the papers and letters and blunders of Heckewelder.

"Excellent well, and truer than it could be done by your real pagan!" cried the bailiff, who, in spite of his official longings, began to watch the mummery with a pleased eye.

8 Verbs to Use for the Word  mummery