225 Verbs to Use for the Word murders

If any dark, designful strangers should intrude themselves upon the party, unbidden, the gentlemen present should by no means exhibit the slightest disposition to resent the intrusion, or to show fight, as the strangers are sure to be professional thieves, and, as such, ready to commit murder, if necessary.

Let this be thought of when people imagine that Germany and Austria went to war with the idea of avenging the murder of an Archduke....

And while he meditated on actors and acting, and the powerful effects which a good play, represented to the life, has upon the spectator, he remembered the instance of some murderer, who seeing a murder on the stage, was by the mere force of the scene and resemblance of circumstances so affected, that on the spot he confessed the crime which he had committed.

Every one being afoot, within sound of the alarm, though all the more vulgar cries had ceased, as men would deem it mockery to cry murder in a battle, Sir George Templemore met his friends, on the margin of this sea of fire.

'I don't set up to be an expert in morality,' retorted Van Torp, 'but if money, properly used, can prevent murder, I guess that's better than letting the murder be committed.

His father's ghost, which he had seen, still haunted his imagination, and the sacred injunction to revenge his murder gave him no rest till it was accomplished.

Men are merciful to him, and let him alone, for if he be once driven from his humour, he is like two inward friends fallen out: his own bitter enemy and discontent presently makes a murder.

Now reader determine if you can, who were the most execrable; the rulers of the state in authorizing murder, or the people in being bribed to commit it.

As coolly as another might sell a bolt of cloth, he would plan murder and rape, and then smilingly watch the execution.

Flat upon the ground, the small army concentred on the igloo, and behind, deliciously expectant, crouched many women and children, come out to witness the murder.

But he had not meant murder this time; I remembered that Godfrey had said he never killed an adversary.

" "You have seen the hat and coat which have been shown here and sworn to as being the ones in which you appeared on your return to the house, the day following your sister's murder?" "I have.

and I'm sure he's going to attempt a murder.

Cardinal Amat, who had given notice of his arrival, came the day after; and the armed commons escorted him to the palace at the very time when the villains were perpetrating their murders.

This was the time when lady Macbeth waked to plot the murder of the king.

Should I yell out murder?

This Cain deserved well to be cursed, knowing the pain of the first trespass of Adam, yet he added thereto murder and slaughter of his brother.

<pb id='299.png' /> Valcour meets murder.

Do you think I would sanction her murder?" "I am sure you would, if you knew as much as I do," replied Judith, calmly.

It is noteworthy that the Duke of Monmouth, in his Declaration against James II, among other things, accuses him of ordering the barbarous murder of the Earl of Essex in the Tower, and of several others, to conceal it; and he gave as a reason for his appeal to arms, in his unhappy rebellion, the unjust condemnation of Sidney and of Russell. VIII.

I only know that wheresoever cholera breaks out, it is some one's fault; and if deaths occur, some one ought to be tried for manslaughterI had almost said murder, and transported for life.

Prisoners ye've bin tried by yer feller-men, and found guilty o' murder in the first degree.

It taught me the obviousthat all this idle, vapouring talk was common enough among men of this class, so common that it would hardly justify a murder, would hardly explain an unwarranted intrusion on those who employed me.

"Thomas and I are good friends, and I'd feel like a traitor to try to get him to confess a murder.

HEBERDEN, M. V. The lobster pick murder.

225 Verbs to Use for the Word  murders