308 Verbs to Use for the Word mysteries

" "You did do a great thing, my friend," said Spalding, "you solved a mystery about which men, wise in the learning of the books, had perhaps been disputing for centuries.

But who can explain the mystery of Minóok?

"He didn't clear up the mystery.

" Now, the real reason of the three friends being thus at fault in their investigations was simply this: they were exactly twenty-four hours behindhand in their attempt to unravel the mystery.

I lost my way, blinded in seeking to penetrate the mystery, and was brought back to Redleaf by two welcome events: the cup Chloe brought, and the letter Aaron gave, with a beseeching of pardon for having forgotten to give it in the morning.

Whoever the madman was, he knew the mystery of Indian souls, for in a little he would have had that host lusting blindly for death.

The worthy Joanna does not understand the mysteries of the boiling process.

Only one fact was clearthat Carmel knew the whole story and might communicate the same, if ever her brain cleared and she could be brought to reveal the mysteries of that hour.

She has not learned the mysteries, and what Love is, and what life is.

Two or three girls had been brought in to be taught the mysteries of needle-craft, and Dorothy turned to them from time to time to watch their work and direct their rebellious fingers.

Secrecy's confident, and he Who makes religion mystery!

When he had fathomed their mystery he betook himself to a brass-founder, and learned how to cast in metal.

[Illustration: "WHAT WAS IT SHE SAW?"] Now the Japanese women are as persevering as any others when there is a mystery to be discovered, and so Lili-Tsee set herself to discover this mystery.

"How on earth did you find out?" She smiled a little at such a revelation of his appreciation of his own cleverness in having probed the mystery.

The place was awesome, and I would willingly have retraced my steps, and left the mysteries of its solitudes unsolved; only, to do so, meant admitting defeat.

All the little acts of homage I was able to perform she accepted with a quiet, calm dignity, while in her deep luminous eyes I read an unfathomable mystery.

" She thought it was the vulgar desire of new people to find a conventional mystery, and it seemed to Mary that this was a desecration of her home.

Up to a certain point their explorations had been crowned by success, yet the discovery rather tended to increase the mystery than diminish it.

And you find you can't get at me because I'm in jail, so you work out a murder mystery to get me out, and then you tackle me.

CAMPBELL, HARRIETTE R. The moor fires mystery.

I will not venture the assertion that the time will ever come when he will have discovered wherein lies the mystery of life; that he will ever find an antidote to disease; that he will search out some recuperative agency stronger than the law of decay, and that will hold the human system in the perpetual vigor, and bloom, and beauty of maturity.

However, we did not care to investigate this mystery any further, but we hustled out of that chamber of death and informed Scott of our discovery.

The gloom was broken by countless tongues of flame from lamps of silver and alabaster burning in the farther chapels, while wandering lights streaming through the openings of the dome filled it with wonderful waves of coloronly half-revealing the treasures of ivory and jewels and precious marbles and mosaics, wrought with texts and symbols, but wholly making felt the mystery and beauty.

One of Eveena's favourite quotations bore the unmistakable stamp of Zveltic mysticism: "Symbols that invert the sense Form the Seal of Providence; Contradiction gives the key, Time unlocks the mystery.

But Chippenfield and I wanted to have all the credit of elucidating the Riversbrook mystery.

308 Verbs to Use for the Word  mysteries