565 Verbs to Use for the Word nation

They are of Lybian origin, and form a powerful and rich nation."

Its effect on the war was almost equivalent to bringing a new nation into the camp of the Allies.

The trading and capitalist folk are only a class, and they do not, properly speaking, represent the nation.

And so she rode forth from Paris, one fine morning, March 27, 1652,rode with a few attendants, half in enthusiasm, half in levity, aiming to become a second Joan of Arc, secure the city, and save the nation.

There are few things to me more affecting in the history of the quarrel which divided the two great nations than the recurrence of that word Home, as used by the younger towards the elder country.

To these demands they received such answers, as, if they had been sincere, would have left the nation no room to complain; but when it was discovered that nothing but verbal satisfaction was to be expected, the security of our trade, and the honour of our country, demanded that war should be declared.

That was the lesson which they had to learn, and to teach other nations also.

And one must regretfully say yes, as long as it is possible for those who rule nations and desire war to carry out their will.

But the men who have made and are sustaining this war, together with the men, civil and military, who have breathed its present spirit into the German Army, are really moral outlaws, acknowledging no authority but their own arrogant and cruel wills, impervious to the moral ideals and restraints that govern other nations, and betraying again and again, under the test of circumstance, the traits of the savage and the brute.

May God grant you, may God grant our leaders the wisdom, the courage and the true knowledge to lead the nation to its cherished goal.

In your country, where the Government of the day is subject to immediate dismissal for want of confidence, such power over foreign relations can be safely entrusted to a few men, but in the United States, with its fixed tenures of office, a President could pledge the faith and involve his nation in war against the interests and will of the people.

They have given me a handful of men and expect me to conquer whole nations.

His conception of things was academic, and he had not realized that there was need to constitute the nations before laying down rules for the League; he trusted that bringing them together with mutual pledges would further most efficiently the cause of peace among the peoples.

Hungary's King, Sigismund, was able for a moment in 1396 to unite the nations of Europe against the common danger, but the proud array of mail-clad knights were swept away like chaff before the steady ranks of the janizaries.

And at the very time that all this was doing in the wilderness, and the men were working yeomanly to build a new nation, in King James's court the ambassadors of the French King were being entertained with maskings and mummerings, wherein the staple subject of merriment was the Puritans!

Captain Byron has found a nation of Brobdignags on the coast of Patagonia; the inhabitants on foot taller than he and his men on horseback.

When Coleridge was four years old the English colonies in America declared their independence and founded a new nation upon the natural rights of man,a nation that has grown to be the mightiest and most beneficent on the globe.

Washington, however, had warmly welcomed the creation of a strong central government, and his correspondence with the leading men of the colonies for some years previously had been burdened with arguments to convince them that a mere league of States would not suffice to create a stable nation.

If a single nation can conquer, depress, and destroy all the other nations of the earth and acquire for itself a sole dominion, there may be matter for question whether God approves that dominion; what is certain is that He permits it.

The Farmers' & Merchants' Bank is the local instrumentality of the invisible government that holds the nation in its clutch.

However great a weight one may give to political and economic factors, it was religion, Islâm, which in a certain sense united the hitherto hopelessly divided Arabs, Islâm which enabled them to found an enormous international community; it was Islâm which bound the speedily converted nations together even after the shattering of its political power, and which still binds them today when only a miserable remnant of that power remains.

He goes on to mention 'that general literature which now pervades the nation through all its ranks.' Works, p. 108. 'That general knowledge which now circulates in common talk was in Addison's time rarely to be found.

As for any cruelty in putting Korah, Dathan, and Abiram to death, it was worth the death of a hundred suchor a thousandto preserve the great and glorious nation of the Jews to be the teachers of the world.

"History shows that such sentiments as these, far from guiding nations upward, lead them along the downward path.

It was only after it had, under Stephen, broken out into anarchy and plunged the whole nation in misery; when the great houses founded by the barons of the Conquest had suffered forfeiture or extinction; when the Normans had become Englishmen under the legal and constitutional reforms of Henry IIthat the royal authority, in close alliance with the nation, was enabled to put an end to the evil.

565 Verbs to Use for the Word  nation