88 Verbs to Use for the Word  nons

88 Verbs to Use for the Word nons

Kurt could give his honest promise, for he had enough of his endeavour to prove the non-existence of the ghost.

Building and construction contractors who previously received an exemption no longer need to apply for a new one merely because their work crew or subcontractors include non-residents.

The border ground of Canaan, was quarantine ground, enforcing the strictest non-intercourse in usages between the without and the within.

During the second wave, the government introduced strict border controls, banning all non-residents from entering its borders from overseas.

If they had done so, it should have been their first care to remove all non-combatants from the area of fighting, and to make provision for them elsewhere.

They explained Paula's non-appearance with good-humored unconcern.

To this doubtless must be ascribed the non-interference of the Attorney General.

They sought to obviate this difficulty by blindfolding the percipient, and by placing non-conductors of sound over his ears.

She helped found a Queens, N.Y., non-profit to help the LGBTQ community facing court appearances and jail time.

'I never (said he) knew a non-juror who could reason.'

They address a non-problem that was created mostly just to justify their existence: the notion that we need phones with smaller bezels, damn it, because.

But the higher degree of self-recognition is that which, realizing its own spiritual nature, sees in all other forms, not so much the non-ego, or that which is not itself, as the alter-ego, or

In an Essay published in Charleston, S.C., in 1822, and entitled "A Refutation of the Calumnies circulated against the Southern and Western States," by the late Edwin C. Holland, Esq., it is stated, that "all slaveholders have laid down non-resistance, and perfect and uniform obedience to their orders as fundamental principles in the government of their slaves:" that this is "a necessary result of the relation," and "unavoidable."

He did not hurry back to Rome but merely sent a letter to the senate, in which he asked them to regard leniently his non-arrival, because he had a sore throat, implying that when he did come he wanted to sing to them.

Authorities on Monday allowed healthy non-residents of the city to leave if they never had contact with patients, but restrictions remained on those who live in Wuhan.

If you wish to try out non-resistance, why not let some city apply it?

Having gorged themselves on the provisions and the wine that they found there they fell into a slumber, and Flaccus becoming aware of this fact assailed and annihilated them all and destroyed the non-combatants.

'Heu quam difficile est crimen non prodere vultu!' Ovid.

To my great amusement I heard later that his elder daughters, trained in strictest observance of all Church ceremonies, had much discussed my non-attendance at the Sacrament, and had finally arrived at the conclusion that I had committed some deadly sin, for which the humble work which I undertook at their house was the appointed penance, and that I was excluded from "the Blessed Sacrament" until the penance was completed!

Lord Penzance likewise displays a very creditable non-acquaintance with the disposition of authors one to another.

Quando Agrican ha nel parlare accolto, Che questo è Orlando, ed Angelica amava, Fuor di misura si turbò nel volto, Ma per la notte non lo dimostrava; Piangeva sospirando come un stolto, L'anima e 'l petto e 'l spirto gli avvampava, E tanto gelosia gli batte il core, Che non è vivo, e di doglia non more.

But Henry’s recommendation is unlikely to draw the non-members of the sector towards the GSAJ, as according to the CEO of one medium-sized outsourcing firm, the management of his organisation sees no need to join the association.

They were brief, pointed and evidently the work of men who were familiar enough with their business to eliminate all non-essentials.

In reply, I have to state that these demands are peremptorily refused and I have most solemnly to protest against so gross a violation of the laws of civilized warfare, as is indicated in your intention to attack a city within a period too short to enable the non-combatants to be safely removed.

To avoid getting infected with COVID-19, Duterte said the local government encouraged the non-residents who are staying here to immediately leave the city, declared as high-risk area, along with Davao del Norte and Davao de Oro.

We enlarge upon this class of rain-storms for the purpose of showing, though imperfectly, their non-prevalence over the State of Minnesota.

"The avowed object of this policy," he said, "was to save our vessels and property from capture; the real one seemed to be to establish a total non-intercourse with the whole world.

In ea sunt pulcherrimi senes, vbi homines nent et filant, et faeminæ non: haec terra correspondet Chaldeæ versus transmontana.

For years he had turned his face toward all speculation favoring the non-existence of a creating Will, his back toward all tending to show that such a one might be.

"Considering that the civil authority cannot favour the non-execution of the decrees of the Commune, without failing in its duty, and that it is highly necessary that all communications with those who carry on this savage war against us should be prevented, "The member of the Committee of Public Safety, Delegate at the Prefecture of Police, "Decrees: "Art. 1.

The effect of these laws was to force many non-whites from their farms into the cities and towns to work, and to restrict their movement within South Africa.

Drinking wine or other intoxicating drinks, taking interest on money, gamblingincluding even insurance contracts according to the stricter interpretationare things which a Moslim may abstain from without hindering non-Mohammedans; or which in our days he may do, notwithstanding the prohibition of divine law, even without losing his good name.

There, they will make their case that their right to due process was infringed upon by the cities' negligence or deliberate indifference in hiring a non-lawyer for a job they argue can't be held by someone not admitted to practice law.

In May 2016, CNSC staff performed a compliance verification inspection and identified some procedural non-compliances of low safety significance on control of operator challenges (which are impediments to the performance of operator tasks).

Messire Bénédict, qui desiroit avoir de lui une audience, fit demander aux bachas s'il pouvoit les-voir, et ils répondirent que non.

It is just such a place as you could imagine old primitive Non-conformists, fonder of strong principles and inherent virtue than of external embellishment and masonic finery, would build.

Non-theism is a term less open to the same misunderstanding, as it implies the simple non-acceptance of the Theist's explanation of the origin and government of the world."

For certainty, if a building that does not conform with a zoning by-law is damaged or destroyed, it may be reconstructed provided the reconstruction does not increase the non-conformity.

They could not expect to influence non-religionists to any great degree on questions respecting which they were divided among themselves.

In memory of John Stransman - a gifted lawyer, a doting father and husband - his family and friends sponsored a lecture that invited a leading non-lawyer to deliver a lecture on a subject of interest to the law school community.

" "Lest we should not fancy you, O Sextus, a fisher of men, you fish for your own son with nets."] [Footnote 5: Vasari relates, that Michel Angelo, when he was making the bronze statue of Julius, at Bologna, having asked the Pope if he should put a book in his left hand,"No," replied the fiery old man, "put a sword in it, for I know not letters": "Mettivi una spada, che io non so lettere.

Are we not being told that we must bomb Muslim people because they "hate us for our freedom" and/or wish to kill all non-muslims?

We also have to lament the non-survival of a Phillida and Corin, which, we learn from the Revels' accounts, was acted by the Queen's men before the court, at Greenwich, on St. Stephen's day, 1584.

As foreign minister he divorced England from the Holy Alliance, and insisted on maintaining non-intervention in the internal affairs of other nations, and a peace policy which raised his country to the highest pinnacle of power she ever attained, and brought about a development of wealth and industry entirely unprecedented.

These were hardened, embittered, men who paid for the zeal of their Indian allies accordingly as they received tangible proof thereof; in other words, they hired them to murder non-combatants as well as soldiers, and paid for each life, of any sort, that was taken.

If the Germans used high-explosive, one might believe that they had some deep religious aim necessitating the non-existence of the Cathedral.

Stillman also noticed this non-attention to his reasoning, and a little wrinkle of discontent appeared between his brows.

ut objurgatione non corrigatur, is etiam ad plagas, ut pessimo quæque mancipia, durabitur.

Why does he immediately add that for the pluralist to plead the non-mutation of such abstractions would be an ignoratio elenchi?

The goals of the week are to educate Canadians about the dangers of smoking; to prevent non-smokers from starting; to help people quit; to de-normalize tobacco use; and to work toward a smoke free society in Canada.