310 Verbs to Use for the Word nose

" The owner watched the dog as it walked round its master smelling the snow, then turning up its pointed nose interrogatively and waving its magnificent feathery tail.

" She drained her glass, blew her nose, and wiped her eyes.

You rub your offending nose upon the glass.

when Washington poked its nose in front of the Red Sox and started after the White Sox, only to be driven back into third place by the men of Callahan themselves.

Or if he went by chair, the carriers held their noses up as though offended by the common air.

He thrust his nose into her loose hair.

" She stuck her nose in the air, and waved her hand to French Charlie, who had just then opened the door and put his head in.

Now Pen would as soon have cut off his nose and ears as deliberately and of malice aforethought have made his mother unhappy; and as he was of such a generous disposition that he would give away anything to any one, he instantly made a present of his visionary red coat and epaulettes to his mother.

But the aesthetic emotions which it sent through her young soul the first time she said it, did not in any way interfere with the sweet satisfaction she had in leaning across the aisle and wrinkling up her nose at her former adversary!

Full of compassion for the suffering, the tender heart of the Poet melts at the sight, and in mellifluous tones he asks, "What is the matter, BUB?" Sobbingly digging his fists into his eyes, and carefully wiping his classic nose on the sleeve of his jacket, the heart-broken mourner murmurs: "I've lost my sheep, And don't know where to find them," and bursts forth into a prolonged howl.

Then Nig, realising that for once in a way noise seemed to be popular, pointed his nose at the big object hugging the farther shore, and howled with a right goodwill.

He turned his head at the sound of a window being opened and Perro who lay at his feet lifted his nose and sniffed gently.

To follow one's nose.

he pulled my nose an' called me a bloody Englishman!" Kurt groaned in the disgrace of the moment.

CHAPTER XII In which may be found a full, true, and particular account of the sale "Uncle Porges, there's a little man in the hall with a red, red nose, an' a blue, blue chin," "Yes, I've seen him,also his nose, and chin, my Porges."

"Stop!" cried the Mexican; and again: "Stop!" Wampus stopped when one revolver nearly touched his nose and another covered his body.

But while you are still new in the old country, it thrills you with strange emotion to think that this little church of Whitnash, humble as it seems, stood for ages under the Catholic faith, and has not materially changed since Wickcliffe's days, and that it looked as gray as now in Bloody Mary's time, and that Cromwell's troopers broke off the stone noses of those same gargoyles that are now grinning in your face.

whatever you want to arrangeand permit me to powder my nose without being bothered, because I don't want people to think you are marrying a second helping to butter, and I never did like that Baptist man on the block above, anyhow.

" "I got a nose for what the people want.

But when they heard Mr. Wood's voice, they ran to the fence, bleating with pleasure, and trying to push their noses through to get the carrot or turnip, or whatever he was handing to them.

" She buried her nose in her handkerchief, turning her head.

She tore the fellow's hands away, and took command, keeping the boat's nose pointed up-river, and squalling ferocious orders to all on board.

When a fat man laffs, his little head sinks down into his shirt collar, and disappears in the fat, like a turtle's head when you tickle his nose with a sharp stick.

"It's all very well," said Jack Vance to Diggory, when late on in the afternoon he happened to come across the latter flattening his nose against the glass of the box-room window"it's all very well talking about writing and all that; but this is the end of the Triple Alliance.

He was going along in a very queer fashion, putting his nose to the ground, and rising up on his hind legs, and sniffing the air, first on this side and then on the other, and his nose going, going all the time.

310 Verbs to Use for the Word  nose
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