603 Verbs to Use for the Word noting

W. E. GLADSTONE, to his bed-post, at his home in Spring Gardens, London, after a hot night's debate at St. STEPHEN'S. Our reporter concealed himself in the key-hole and took verbatim notes.

Fifteen minutes after his vocal organs had been thus renewed, LEOPOLD was in a condition to see things in an entirely new light, and hesitated no longer to write the following note to General PRIM: Dear PRIM:

Obviously it was quite unnecessary for him to have called; he could have sent the note that he had brought with him.

The third day he received the following note, and took it to read with enjoyment of the secrecy combined with a sort of self-important shame.

Well, I'm going to find it out, and read this note, just for the lark.

Suddenly he heard a single note on the 'high C.' He groped his way to the keyboard, but there was no one there.

[Goes behind Scaramouch, and gives him the Note and goes out. Doct.

You said you found this note in a crack in the wall under one of the grub-room windows, and that you thought some fellows were using it as a sort of post-office.

'Of course, if I hadn't been so fortunate as to find you in, I should just have left a note.'

Chapters II and III are based on the fact that we must all use words in combinationmust fling the words out by the handfuls, even as the accomplished pianist must strike his notes.

I tried, with more success, to beguile the time by making notes in my journal; and after having devoted about an hour to this object, I returned to the telescope, and now took occasion to examine the figure of the earth near the Poles, with a view of discovering whether its form favoured Captain Symmes's theory of an aperture existing there; and I am convinced that that ingenious gentleman is mistaken.

First, you may hear him sounding a few notes of curious inquiry, but more likely the first intimation of his approach will be the prickly sounds of his feet as he descends the tree overhead, just before he makes his savage onrush to frighten you and proclaim your presence to every squirrel and bird in the neighborhood.

Let each compare notes with the other.

" The morning, however, brought no note of invitation; a failure which rather surprised Kelson, although Gifford thought he could account for it.

But if you find that he is not in the house, ask boldly for Jones, and when you reach him hand him this note.

" In conclusion, we must express our regret, that the author should not have added notes to the workthe want of them will be seriously felt by every one; some of the satires, indeed, must escape the reader, unless he pay a degree of attention, which notes would have rendered unnecessary.

Meantime, who's got a twenty-five cent note?"

" "Then will you tell me the meaning of this?" continued the head-master, holding up the cipher note.

The hardy nut-hatches were threading the open furrows of the trunks in their usual industrious manner, and uttering their quaint notes, evidently less distressed than their neighbors.

That bear" Again came the notes of the bugle, and then the girls, looking through the fringe of trees at the road, saw a man with a red jacket, and wearing a hat in which was a long feather, come along, and grasp a chain that dangled from the leather muzzle which they had failed to notice on the bear's nose.

Now, the Boy couldn't sing a note, so there was no fair division of entertainment, wherefore he would go off into the woods with his gun for company, and the Catholic O'Flynn, and even Potts, were in better odour than he "down in camp" on Sundays.

In the fray between my master Stanton and myself, he broke open my chest containing his brother's note to me, and destroyed it.

I agreed, and let him return home with me on foot; but the very following night, he slipped from me, stole my horse and has never paid me even his note.

" On November 23, Leon Trotzky, styling himself "National Commissioner for foreign affairs," addressed to the embassies of the Allies in Petrograd a note proposing "an immediate armistice on all fronts and the immediate opening of peace negotiations."

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603 Verbs to Use for the Word  noting