189 Verbs to Use for the Word nurses

I sent my last nurse to a patient yesterday and since then have had two applications for one.

" "Where is she?" "Go and ask nurse to let you see her.

I will myself tell the nurse.

You know, madame, the woman I spoke to you about, Sophie Couteau, La Couteau as we call her at Rougemont, who brings nurses to Paris?" "Well, what of it?" exclaimed Valentine, on the point of ordering Celeste to leave the room, for it seemed to her quite outrageous to be disturbed in this manner.

"It is a serious case," he said, "and I do not know Where you will find a nurse.

At that moment, however, Madame Bourdieu came in, accompanied by a woman, whom he recognized as Sophie Couteau, "La Couteau," that nurse-agent whom he had seen at the Seguins' one day when she had gone thither to offer to procure them a nurse.

"I came to relieve Miss Vernor and play nurse for a while, and I think Phebe looks as if she needed a little sleep.

If you want a good nurse you will be satisfied, for I have just received some excellent ones from the provinces.

" La Couteau had remained there motionless, vexed at having come on a fruitless errand, and regretting the loss of the present which she would have earned by her obligingness in providing a nurse.

If you are really ill, I am sorry for you, and would go to nurse you were you not able to hire twenty nurses, each of whom would have fully as much love and far more respect for you than could ever 'Your indignant niece, 'Patricia Doyle.'

The silent heart which grief assails, Treads soft and lonesome o'er the vales, Sees daisies open, rivers run, And seeks, as I have vainly done, Amusing thought; but learns to know That solitude's the nurse of woe.

If a medical man finds that both mother and child answer to the above description, he has no hesitation in recommending the former as likely to prove a good wet-nurse.

"My kind and good Nanny!" said Eve, taking her old nurse in her arms, their tears mingling in silence for near a minute.

If it is fever, she will need a nurse, and nurses always make such an upheaval in a house.

Pericles being thus assured that his child would be carefully attended to, left her to the protection of Cleon and his wife Dionysia, and with her he left the nurse Lychorida.

Mr. Lorimer had demurred about having a nurse at all, but Avery had swept the objection aside.

The post in Liverpool, of Superintendent of the Training School of Nurses for the Poor, was still open to her and, in spite of her fear that she lacked the capacity to govern, had many attractions for her, and so she said, "I determined at least to try, to come to St. Thomas's Hospital, and to see whether in so great a work as that of training true-hearted, God-fearing nurses, there were not some niche for me.

I should have to engage a nurse for any baby of mine.

" "Weel," replied the nurse, "maybe St. Cuthbert has wrought a miracle, and brought the child out

But Mrs. Coombe would not hear of Miss Milligan calling the nurse!

"He helped nurse and me to get some holly in the wood yesterday.

On the right of the passage was the office, whither Madame Broquette, at the request of her customers, summoned the nurses, who waited in a neighboring room, which was simply furnished with a greasy deal table in the centre.

She put all her spite into a glance which she shot at Marianne, who, thought she, was evidently some poor creature unable even to afford a nurse.

"Is this my own dear child, over whose infancy I watched so tenderly?" exclaimed the nurse, rising, her harsh features wreathed into a smile.

My duty toward my sick neighbor in Joppa consists in calling twice a day, if not oftener, at his house; in inquiring after his condition down to minutest and most sacred details; in knowing accurately how many hours he slept last night, and what he ate for breakfast, and what is paid the sick-nurse, and if it includes her washing.

189 Verbs to Use for the Word  nurses
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