241 Verbs to Use for the Word objections

"Any time a club has three games on its own grounds in a series where four victories decide the issue either it or its followers have not much chance to raise an objection.

You don't know how it helps me to state my case to you and to try to answer your objections.

This discovery removes all objections to the existence of living Globigerinoe at great depths, which are based upon the supposed difficulty of maintaining animal life under such conditions; and it throws the burden of proof upon those who object to the supposition that the Globigerinoe live and die where they are found.]

But, unluckily, the Innocent met this objection by assuring the party that he was provided with an extra mule loaded with provisions, and by the discovery of a rude attempt at a log-house near the trail.

Her father, a man popular on account of his genial ways and social disposition, making no objection, she joined, with some of her sisters, in all the gaieties of life in Norwich.

" Fred offered no objection to this sentiment and they drained glasses.

] Let the commissioners state their objections to it.

We are now in a position to consider the surface objection that will present itself to many a reader concerning Durtal's conversion.

On this occasion, my lords, it may not be improper to obviate the objection produced by the seeming omission of penal sanctions, which is only another proof of implicit confidence in the officers of the admiralty, who have already the power, allowed to military courts, of proceeding against those who shall deviate from their orders.

The Major looked grave, but could find no plausible objection to offer.

I have not heard many objections made against the intention of the bill, and those which were offered, were mentioned with such diffidence and uncertainty, as plainly showed, that even in the opinion of him that proposed them, they were of little weight; and I believe they had no greater effect upon those that heard them.

" On the 11th of November, 1853, he left Linyante, having overcome Sekeletu's objection to let him go, and arrived at Loando, on the West Coast, on 31st May, 1854, after a variety of adventures, and being reduced by fever to a mere skeleton.

It is unnecessary here to enter into the circumstances which led to the appointment to which I saw objections, owing to the difficulty of fitting into the organization an officer bearing the title of Deputy First Sea Lord.

The Commodore argued the matter with them for some time, and, as they still pertinaciously urged their objections to his visit to the capital, it was agreed that the subject should be further discussed by an interchange of notes.

The girls, curious to know how so many could be accommodated in the bungalow, withdrew all further objections and stood upon the low, pergola-roofed porch while their host went inside to light the lamps.

An unwise grandmother, had she wished to turn him from the notion, would have started an objection at onceprobably calling it a dirty trade, or a dangerous trade, or a trade that the son of a professional man could not be allowed to follow; but Willie's grandmother knew better, and went on talking about the thing in the quietest manner.

Whenever I feebly interposed an objection to anything he said (for, after all, he talked on), he told me to hear the Catholic Church.

Still I think that the direct rays of the heat, and the glare of light from open stoves and fire-places, particularly for the young, form a very serious objection to their use.

Every day he came to read and talk with her, and whatever objections Mrs. Lavington expressed were silenced by Argemone.

If any one interested in the distribution of the property thinks that this will should not be accepted as the "last will and testament" of the deceased, he should now enter objections.

Whatever fantastic objection you may have taken to it, I wear this jacket.

If I were to bring my strongest objection to American country life, it would be its ambitious desire to ape the towns, converting the ease and abandon of a village, into the formality and stiffness that render children in the clothes of grown people so absurdly ludicrous.

I hope that there is no one here, who will advance an objection so dishonorable to VirginiaI hope that at the moment they are securing the rights of their citizens, an objection will not be started, that those unfortunate men now held in bondage, by the operation of the general government may be made free!"

They explained to him their objection to written sermons, and he appeared to be sensible of the inconsistency of them with true gospel ministry, but alleged that the people would not be satisfied without having the greater part of the time occupied with "service."

It certainly is not necessary to admit implicitly all that is asserted; and to deny, or disapprove without reason, can he no proof of duty, or of wisdom; and how shall it be known, that he who produces no objections, acts from any other motives, than private malevolence, discontent, or caprice?

241 Verbs to Use for the Word  objections
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