158 Verbs to Use for the Word obstacles

Were it ever necessary to make this part of the river navigable it will be no easy task to overcome the obstacles at this point; but a tram or railway could, with very little difficulty, be constructed along the east side of the river past the cañon.

And the means to remove these obstacles are to purify the conscience, science, to mortify the passions, to guard the sense and to have an intelligent knowledge of the duty and requirements of a proper fulfilment of the daily task of the saying of the Canonical Hours.

For about two miles below the rapids there is a pretty swift current, but not enough to prevent the ascent of a steamboat of moderate power, and the rapids themselves I do not think would present any serious obstacle to the ascent of a good boat.

Indeed, by all means in his power, he always threw obstacles in the way of the advancement of Cimon's family, representing that by their very names they were aliens, one son being named Lacedaemonius, another Thessalus, another Elius.

It is said that the pigeons when let fly from Scanderoon, instead of bending their course towards the high mountains surrounding the plain, mounted at once directly up, soaring still almost perpendicularly till out of sight, as if to surmount at once the obstacles intercepting their view of the place of their destination.

Over this barrier there is a ripple which would offer no great obstacle to the descent of a good canoe.

Moreover, Germany encounters everywhere obstacles and diffidence.

To the south again the Hermada had proved a great and bloody obstacle.

The majority want women to organize the home and it is only a small minority who place obstacles in the way of the wider functioning of women.

Let us all work toward this end, even if at first we may be misunderstood and may find obstacles in our way.

Should he turn the southern side of the lakes, a field of lava, deemed almost impassable for troops, interposed a primary obstacle; and fortified positions at San Antonio, San Angel, and Churubusco, with an intrenched camp at Contreras, were likewise to be surmounted before the southern causeways could be reached.

But before he could utter another word Sir Stephen stopped before him, and with hands thrown out appealingly, and with a look of terror and agony in his face, cried in broken accents: "If you going to raise any obstacle, Stafford, prompted by your pride, for God's sake, don't say the word!

The vehicle, however, has not formed the sole obstacle to those projectors:the viaticum, especially the food, has been a difficulty not readily got over.

He saw in that increasing obstruction a deliberate obstacle to his wild design.

But lord Capulet was deaf to all her excuses, and in a peremptory manner ordered her to get ready, for by the following Thursday she should be married to Paris: and having found her a husband rich, young, and noble, such as the proudest maid in Verona might joyfully accept, he could not bear that out of an affected coyness, as he construed her denial, she should oppose obstacles to her own good fortune.

But before that day arrived news had reached the court that the Duke of Brunswick, the Prussian commander-in-chief, had put his army in motion, and that he was not likely to meet any obstacle sufficient to prevent him from marching at once on Paris; a measure which, to quote the language of M. Bertrand, "the queen was too anxious to see accomplished to hesitate at believing in its execution."

Perhaps he had spoken to his father, and, in the wonderful way men have, had swept aside all the obstacles which stood against their union.

Yet he had much to try him, not only in the ills that vexed his flesh, but the cares that tried his spirit, and the future that lay before him, full of anxieties and responsibilities which seemed so heavy now when the strong right arm, that had cleared all obstacles away before, was gone.

Turn out to the right as far as you can and look to the front harder than ever, so as to be ready to guide your horse and to avoid any obstacles in case he should start to run.

You know the only obstacle there is to our union; but that appears to increase in strength, the more I ask you to reflect on itto try to remove it.

I shall be able to take care of things when she gets here, but do all in your power to prevent the ladies from putting obstacles in my path.

The presence of hate in a nation or an individual may be explained as resulting from the desire to remove or destroy an obstacle, which has proved to be immovable and indestructible.

These wretched trifles created obstacles at the most critical times.

In 1588 the comparative thinness of population and insufficiency of communications and means of transport must have constituted obstacles, far greater than any encountered in our own day, to the collection of supplies locally and to their timely importation from a distance.

INVASION OF PRUSSIA Within a week the Russian movement in eastern Germany assumed menacing proportions, the great army of invasion having moved rapidly, considering the natural obstacles.

158 Verbs to Use for the Word  obstacles