117 Verbs to Use for the Word occurrences

"I related to M. Pigot last night's occurrences, and begged him to be present at this meeting.

The subsequent bombardment and burning of towns and villages by the Germans were explained in every case as measures of revenge for hostile acts on the part of non-combatants and intended to prevent their occurrence elsewhere by striking terror into the hearts of the Belgian populace.

" "I shall have to report to London the whole occurrence, as British subjects are under suspicion," Hutcheson said.

Even in his infant soul he felt he deserved all he had got, and thought best not to mention the occurrence.

I saw Mademoiselle watching me, partly frightened, but partly curious, as though she had witnessed similar occurrences.

And he proposes to explain the occurrence of parasites within the animal body in the same way.

In common terms, it is that difference between two individuals from which results a difference in the time which they require to receive and note an occurrence.

He talked freely, and in the course of the conversation, described the very occurrence in which you are so interested.

During the time of our visit one of these took place, but it was impossible to learn anything concerning it that could be relied upon, for all conversation respecting such occurrences is interdicted by the government.

I received a sort of thank you, and would never have remembered the occurrence if it had not been for that murder and if" She paused doubtfully, ran her fingers nervously over her child's head, looked again at Sweetwater waiting expectantly for her next word, and faltered painfully"if I had not recognised the horse.

On this Ellis wrote to Murray (October 19, 1817): "An individual has seldom committed an act so detrimental to his interests as I have done in this unfortunate publication; and I shall be too happy when the lapse of time will allow of my utterly forgetting the occurrence.

[-23-]I might narrate many other such occurrences, if I were to go into all in detail.

He "has shown conclusively that while causes identical with ... existing causes will, if given sufficient time, account for all the facts hitherto observed, there is not a single fact which proves the occurrence of a totally different order of causes."

Uneasy at he knew not what, fearful of some exposure he knew not how, when Sir Herbert alluded to the occurrence, with a view to rebut the charge, if Denbigh should choose to make one, and with the near-sightedness of guilt, he pretended to know the occurrence, and under the promise of secresy, mentioned that the name of the officer was Denbigh.

Add a little sarcasm, and prompt allusion to passing occurrences, and you have the mischievous member of Congress.

Latterly, however, owing to the unusual success attained by some of them in representing the occurrence of death as an unavoidable destiny, the custom is said to have fallen into desuetude; and the relatives do not exact the satisfaction.

Collins, whose accuracy by no means equals his thirst for pure detail, puts this occurrence just a year too late.

He recalled the occurrences before he fell asleep.

Now, as regards the first reason, the ancients have recorded various occurrences: for instance, a shower of quicksilver at Rome is mentioned by Dion Cassius, in the year 197 of our era, and a similar event is related under the reign of Aurelian.

The master took care to give the quarrelers some share in the work, apparently forgetting, from this time, the unpleasant occurrence which had brought up the subject.

But he only bore up until he got home, and there, while he was telling his father the occurrence, he burst into a storm of passionate tears, mingled with the fiercest invectives against Mr. Gordon for his injustice.

Graunt either avoided the labour of minute inquiry, or thought domestick occurrences unworthy of his notice; or, preferring the character of an orator to that of an historian, selected only such particulars as he could best express or most happily embellish.

That Ingenious gentleman has with so much Art and Judgment applied his exact Knowledge of all the Parts of Classical Learning to illustrate the several occurrences of his Travels, that his Work alone is a pregnant Proof of what I have said.

But one course was left him: to preserve, if possible, complete silence in his command; to lie perdu in the wood, and await the occurrence of some fortunate event to extricate him from his highly-embarrassing situation.

The reader may imagine a similar occurrence in England, by supposing that Dryden had re-written the whole of Chaucer, and that his reconstruction had in the course of time as much surpassed the original in popularity, as his version of the Flower and the Leaf did, up to the beginning of the present century.

117 Verbs to Use for the Word  occurrences