82 Verbs to Use for the Word  odour

82 Verbs to Use for the Word odour

CHAPTER V THE VISION The grass exhaled an odour of summer; flies buzzed in the air, the sun shone on the river and warmed the slated roof.

As I stooped over I could smell the heavy sweet odour of the clover blossoms.

In the distance, the hammers of some calkers pounded the hull of a ship, and the sultry breeze brought them an odour of tar.

They were very fat, but emitted such an intolerable odour that it would require even an explorer to be hard pressed before he could make a supper of them, either roasted or boiled.

They broke off sprays of resinous needles as they rode, inhaling the sharp odours; they stooped for handfuls of fragrant sage; they splashed through swampy places where the grass and stalks of lush flowers swept their stirrups, through rock-bound noisy streams where they must pick their way cautiously, and where the horses snorted and shook their heads and Gloria laughed gleefully.

More grunts, and room made for the visitor on the sleeping-bench next the post that supported one of the lamps, a clay saucer half-full of seal-oil, in which a burning wick of twisted moss gave forth a powerful odour, a fair amount of smoke, and a faint light.

What they wanted was eatable game, and they affected no intelligent interest in knowing the manners and customs of the particular species that was sending up appetising odours from the pot.

Wafted back to her came the acrid odour of Pa's matutinal pipe, and the accustomed bickering between Al and Floss over the possession of the bathroom.

She had seen certain longings after the ocean, and seals, and whales, in her husband; and did not consider him safe, as long as he could scent the odours of a salt marsh.

She was in a little office of a perfectly ordinary boarding-house(she could even detect the stale odours of cooking)with a realistic man of business, and they were about to discuss a perfectly ordinary piece of scandal; and surely they might be called two common-sense people!

To Lesbia's eyes the placid stream and the green pastures, breathing odours of meadow-sweet and clover, seemed passing lovely.

A still morning is best, for the mists and the moisture seem to retain the odours which they have distilled through the night.

The surface of the ground was covered by spinifex, which rendered our walking both difficult and painful; this plant diffuses a strong aromatic odour, which quality it possesses, as it were, to counterbalance the annoying effects of its prickly foliage.

This broke up the system, and left no good odour behind it!

While I am on the subject of her food, I should say that reading in the encyclopedia he found that foxes on the Continent are inordinately fond of grapes, and that during the autumn season they abandon their ordinary diet for them, and then grow exceedingly fat and lose their offensive odour.

Its general qualities are the same as those of the nutmeg, producing an agreeable aromatic odour, with a hot and acrid taste.

As if he would the charming air repay, Shook thousand odours from his dewy wings.

Lianas, of various foliage, intertwining among the woods, form arcades of flowers, and verdant canopies; those trees, for the most part, shed aromatic odours of a nature so powerful, that the garments of a traveller, who has passed through the forest, retain for several hours the delicious fragrance.

I was busy with errands, my mind fully engaged, but suddenly I caught an odour from somewhere within the building I was passing.

As when to them who sail Beyond the Cape of Hope, and now are past Mozambic, off at sea north-east winds blow Sabean odours from the spicy shore Of Araby the Blest; with such delay Well pleased they slack their course, and many a league Cheer'd with the grateful smell, old Ocean smiles.

She said she also noticed a foul odour around the bathroom area of the hospital.

He could sniff the musty odour of the primitive beast, the savage instincts of war, of murder, the lust for blood like living meat torn by his jaws.

Then shall I free my horse, and he shall graze upon the grass that grows upon the Pyramids, sleep in the palaces of emperors, drink the last drop of water from the sea, and snuff the odour of the last slow drop of blood!

Someone else shuddered too, and he perceived an extraordinarily vivid odour of violets.

It was heavy and thick, possessing a faint odour that seemed to rise from the dust beneath our feet.

They pollute the tea-table by plates piled with large slices of Cheshire cheese, which mingles its less grateful odours with the fragrance of the tea.'

i.e., Bottles to cast or scatter liquid odours.

The ranch house was lighted from top to bottom, abnormally brilliant, and as the Indian entered the odour of kerosene was strong in his nostrils.

To a European the strong, astringent taste and penetrating odour of the betel nut are alike insufferable, and there is no instance on record, as far as I know, of an Englishman becoming a betel nut chewer.

To increase the odour of Roses.

He inspires Their balmy odours, and imparts then hues, And bathes their eyes with nectar, and includes In grains as countless as the sea side sands The forms with which he sprinkles all the earth.

Those employed in carrying messages or tobacco to the soldiers in dangerous trenches now wear gas masks, as many of these high trained animals have been lost in consequence of too closely investigating the strange odour caused by this Hun war method.

The scouting party was piled with parcels up to its round eyes and from the parcels issued an odour so delicious that the doctor's depression vanished.

Those who are in the habit of visiting the insane, know the peculiar odour that characterises that dire calamity; and it was remarked of the plague, that it had "a scent of the flavour of mellow apples."

The odours of the wildernesssmells of wind and earth, of trees and water, clean, vigorous, and mightywere the true odours of a virgin world unspoilt by men, more penetrating and more subtly intoxicating than any other perfume in the whole world.

Diaczenko stated that he only noticed the faint to moderate odour of alcohol on Mr. Downey’s breath towards the end of their conversation.

This affords an excellent view of the stables, ten or twelve feet below, admitting, at the same time, a pungent and overpowering odour of manure and ammonia.

To prevent odours, wash kitchen catchers and Green Bins frequently (both can be cleaned with dish soap.

All this time a sickening, offensive smell pervaded the air, a stench which only those who have been present at scenes such as these can realizethe pungent odour of burnt human flesh.

The night gloom in the hall brings back to me the 'tween-decks of the old tub of a boat; the green-plush seats of a sleeping-car remind me of the Kut Sang's dining-saloon, and even a bonfire in an adjacent yard recalls the odour of burned rice on the galley fire left by the panic-stricken Chinese cook.

I remember the musty, warm, shut-in odour of the front room.

Then he washed his hands with especial care to remove all odour of paint.

All that northern shore of the Arabian Sea has at the present time an odour which it wafts far over the water, resembling odours of happy vague dream-lands, sweet to smell in the early mornings as if the earth were nothing but a perfume, and life an inhalation.

O rich the odour that arose!

There they lie, in the largest, in an open space in the woods, from two hundred to three hundred poor fellowsthe groans and screamsthe odour of blood, mixed with the fresh scent of the night, the grass, the treesthat slaughter-house!

The flaming wick of the lamp, which floats like a tiny burning ship in a miniature lake of rancid grease, absorbs the vital air of the polog, and returns it in the shape of carbonic acid gas, oily smoke, and sickening odours.

A right Katherine of Spain; And a seat, too,'mongst the joys Of the blest Tobacco Boys; Where, though I, by sour physician, Am debarr'd the full fruition Of thy favours, I may catch Some collateral sweets, and snatch Sidelong odours, that give life Like glances from a neighbour's wife;

The morning was warm; a south wind was fluttering the half-unfolded leaf-buds, and spreading abroad the soft odour of violets and primroses which covered the sunny slopes.

How can storage stop odours, flies or runoff?

But like a girlond compasséd the hight, And from their fruitfull sydes sweet gum did drop, That all the ground, with pretious deaw bedight, Threw forth most dainty odours and most sweet delight.