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150 Verbs to Use for the Word offers

" They could do nothing but thank him and accept his offer.

' She refused the kind offer.

I was not a merchant out of charity, and I had to decline many offers, and so made many foes.

Theatrical managers, upon hearing of this new and novel combination; which was drawing such tremendous houses, were all anxious to secure us; and we received offers of engagements at all the leading theaters.

When I insisted on a hundred ounces of gold to secure her being the chief object of the imperial choice, they first pleaded their povertyand then, relying on her extraordinary beauty, rejected my offers altogether.

Chief watching him surreptitiously, and seeing he was no nearer making an offer, felt he should have some encouragement.

XIII.THAT YOU MUST LOVE ME, AND LOVE MY DOG "Good sir, or madam, as it may bewe most willingly embrace the offer of your friendship.

The messenger bore back, at my suggestion, a refusal of the offer and a further refusal to consider any more offers that evening.

my friend, who ought to have known better, forgot the good advice he had given me only a few years before, and I, heedless of consequences in my hilarity, repeated the offer of evens on the favourite.

The Colonel and the Boy opened the ball by renewing their joint offer of eighty dollars for Red and Spotty.

On Aug. 15th Herschel wrote to me, communicating an offer of the Duke of Northumberland to present to the Cambridge Observatory an object-glass of about 12 inches aperture by Cauchaix.

"Yes, but," returned Waite, "what I hear from town is that the Annapolis townspeople have been driven to cover; that they aren't taking up the offers of the visiting Hanniston boys.

He pretends to have the same views as the late Ministry; but it is impossible to suppose the French can resist the offer of Belgium.

Every man in the room heard the offer.

"'You did,' she responds, very much embarrassed, as she supposed of course he would remember his offer made when he was an old man with a goat's beard; 'but gladly will I forget all, if you will relinquish my hand.'

" "He sent an offer of six hundred dollars for it last night," I said.

Several years previously, no doubt, he had offered Seguin the enclosure for a trifle; but times had changed, and he now crowed loudly over the other's folly in not entertaining his previous offer.

for if the lover, while he is in that state, had the offer made him of choosing out of the whole sex the worthiest, the richest, and the most beautiful, would he not despise the offer, and adhere to her whom he had already chosen, his heart being riveted to her alone?

In vain I entreated the spotted face to take the silver, and loosen the ropes; but he spurned my offers and immediately departed.

But Rustem scorned the offer, and in wrath, Thus spoke: "How many a mighty king has died, And left me still triumphantstill in power, Unconquerable; treacherous thou hast been, Inhuman, too, but Ferámurz, the brave, Will be revenged upon thee for this crime.

A contract is an agreement between two or more parties, containing on the one hand an offer and on the other an acceptance.

So we turned the offer down.

" Mrs. Abbott made a distinction, habitually, between the cases of widowers and widows, as the first, she maintained, might get married whenever they pleased, and the latter only when they got offers; and she felt just that sort of horror of a man's thinking of marrying too soon after the death of his wife, as might be expected in one who actually thought of a second husband before the first was dead.

Their friendship was honourable to them both, for it was as disinterested as sincere; and I hope Gurney will let a certain person in the City understand that I treat his offer of a reviewal of Mr. Hunt's London Journal with disdain.

" Madame Delphine was a helpless, timid thing; but her eyes showed she was about to resent this offer.

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