66 Verbs to Use for the Word omissions

"My name is Kelson," the soldier said, supplying an omission due to Henshaw's talk of himself.

"The young esteem life so endless, that they take little heed of the minutes that escape them; while we, whom age begins to menace, think chiefly of repairing the omissions of youth.

"The apostrophe denotes the omission of an i which was formerly inserted, and made an addition of a syllable to the word.

People in society give as many reasons for having done so strange a thing as go to see the new tragedy, as they would invent in Paris to excuse a similar omission.

"I had not even time to pull up my stockings," she concluded, making good the omission with a friendly nonchalance.

"An apostrophe discovers the omission of a letter or letters.

We have noticed a few omissions, and some mistakes of judgment.

It is more probable that, as regards prose-fiction, they did not realize that they were called upon to explain the omission of the tenth muse.

But I was disappointed in finding so little meat on a partridge wing, and believed that Hedges would have chosen a leg instead of a wing, if he had pondered a moment, so I remedied the omission, and, as a result, each roasted a leg of the bird.

" "My wife," said John, "recalled you to me last night, in the effort to remedy her omission to pay you for your services yesterday.

As soon as Morse was made aware of Henry's feelings, he wrote to him regretting the omission and explaining his innocence in the matter, and he also draughted a letter, at Vail's request, which the latter copied and sent to Henry, stating that he, Vail, had been unable to obtain the particulars of Henry's discoveries, and that, if he had offended, he had done so innocently.

B. requests us to correct an omission in his transcript from Mr. De Morgan's Note in our last week's Number, p. 108.:

It may be proper to say here, that while but few of her letters are given entire, it has not been deemed needful specially to indicate all the omissions.

" Here our notice of the Life of Hogarth would end, did we not feel inclined to venture a word or two respecting the omission of Hogarth's Tailpiece, engraved in Ireland's "Life," and there described as his last work.

Moll, however, was too full of happiness to note this omission on my part; she could think of no one now but her dear husband, and I counted for nothing.

One Day would rectifie the Omissions of another, and make a Man weigh all those indifferent Actions, which, though they are easily forgotten, must certainly be accounted for.

Who can therefore be surprised at finding some omissions and confusion in her descriptions? CHAPTER XXIX.

If we accept these, what right have we to regard the omission from the Folio of passages in the Quarto as not proceeding from the same hand?

If the apprentice has been absent from his work but an hour, the magistrate may sentence him to give a whole day in return; consequently the master is encouraged to mark the slightest omission, and to complain of it whether it was unavoidable or not.

If in this story of life at a preparatory school I have neglected to say very much about books and studies, and have stuck to far less interesting matters, such as the games and gambols that while away the dull hours between classes, I hope my readers will graciously forgive the omission.

"I did indeed seem to remark one little omission, which no doubt may be easily accounted for.

In the common business of life, we find the memory of one like that of another, and honestly impute omissions not to involuntary forgetfulness, but culpable inattention; but in literary inquiries, failure is imputed rather to want of memory than of diligence.

It must foreshorten its pictures by abstractions, and this includes not merely the omission of events and deeds, but whatever is involved in the fact that Thought is, after all, the most trenchant epitomist.

I am glad to be able to believe, let my defence of Hamlet against himself be right or wrong, that Shakspere intended the omission of the passage.

One circumstance prevented the performance of this duty and justified the omission.

66 Verbs to Use for the Word  omissions