1327 Verbs to Use for the Word ones

We found no one but the Princesse Marguerite, daughter of the Duc de Nemours, who was living at Neuilly.

The wives rather demurred at first, but the men went all the sameas one saw every one there and heard all the latest political gossip.

It would be splendid if we could say that the Triple Alliance had done it, and without telling any one beforehand.

He say it wuz de braves' ting he ever knowed any one to do.

Even when the stream is quite small, say from five to ten feet wide, he seldom shortens his flight by crossing a bend, however abrupt it may be; and even when disturbed by meeting some one on the bank, he prefers to fly over one's head, to dodging out over the ground.

This baby would have died, but I know how you love these little ones, so I brought it to you.

Well, if you don't want pay, I want some one with a head on his shoulders in this office.

"Here, you General Superintendent out there in the office!" sings he, cheerily, "send some one down to Washington Market this instant, to find out whether or not any of those luscious anatomical western turkies that I saw in the barrels this morning are left yet.

Those naturally were out of the question, but I took three or four red ones, which of course could not go in the guests' rooms, but were distributed on the beds of the family, their white ones going to the friends.

Miss M'Millan's ideal is to have a large space in the centre of a district with covered passages radiating from it so that mothers from a large area could bring their little ones and leave them in safety.

He vowed that if I persisted in refusing to marry him he would take good care that I should never marry any one else.

By these means they have given plausibility enough to their theories, to leave many a one in doubt, whether it is really a new triumph of human discovery, or merely a later form of empiricism.

"Which one?" we naturally asked, but the answer was vague.

It seemed a pity she had not got a new one, but this couldn't be helped, as there was now no time.

He needed some one to suggest changes in process from time to time, and to watch waste.

One day, while riding in advance of the command, down San Francisco Creek, I heard some one calling my name from a little bunch of willow brush on the opposite bank, and, upon looking closely at the spot, I saw a negro.

He gave a stiff little nod in acknowledgment of the bows and curtseys every one made when he appeared in the marshal's box.

The wonder is he hasn't killed some one before now.

And if you did go out, for a breath of air, I should like no-one to see you.

But Treadwell, standing with his guard up, showed no inclination to follow the one who had just given him such punishment.

But after I had chosen among them one who was in every respect congenial to me, this importunate crowd of suitors, being now almost hopeless, ceased to trouble me with their looks and attentions.

So to prove my gratitude and sorrow for past illnow will I tell thee that in saving me, thou hast saved one that for ambition's sake, once did thee grievous wrong.

The trip proved a most enjoyable one to me, although no incidents worthy of note occurred on the way.

There was a good dinner, and by managing to help one another by bread, etc., there was a prospect of getting over the day also; but for none of the houses had we the prospect of being able to take in bread.

A general knowledge of the topography is, then, the main guide, enabling one to determine where the trail ought to gomust go.

1327 Verbs to Use for the Word  ones
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