63 Verbs to Use for the Word orbed

"See," said Wilder, as the luminary lifted its pale and melancholy orb out of the bed of the ocean; "we shall have light for our hazardous launch!" "Is it at hand?" demanded Mrs. Wyllis, with all the resolution of manner she could assume in so trying a situation.

Fond impious man, think'st thou yon sanguine cloud, Raised by thy breath, has quenched the orb of day!

before my mental eyes, I see thee, like another Alfred rise; See honour splendent on thy ample brow, While Thought and Genius fill the orbs below; Those beaming orbs!

And, when he heaves against the burning load, Reluctant, to invert his broiling limbs, A sudden earthquake shoots through all the isle, And Ætna thunders dreadful under-ground, Then pours out smoke in wreathing curls convolved, And shades the sun's bright orb, and blots out day.

Onward, and onward, rolled this mighty orb on its pathway through the heavens, bearing with it no animal existences, freighted with no human hopescarrying with it nothing of human destiny.

" "And who can it be that can recollect that?" was the answer, as she turned the sightless orbs on the speaker.

He replied, with ardour, that he would never have dared to raise his two blue orbs to Miss Dutton's brilliant black one, unless he had been conscious that his mistress, like himself, had suffered mutilation.

Above all, those old blind Tobits that used to line the wall of Lincoln's Inn Garden, before modern fastidiousness had expelled them, casting up their ruined orbs to catch a ray of pity, and (if possible) of light, with their faithful Dog Guide at their feet,whither are they fled? or into what corners, blind as themselves, have they been driven, out of the wholesome air and sun-warmth?

Those persons who have examined the lunar orb with telescopes, know how very considerable the difference arising from these two causes may be,with how much keener and stronger a radiance one point of the Moon will sometimes shine than those around it.

so weary I felt I should almost be ashamed to face them two gray orbs in the lookin'-glass, for I knowed I had worked 'em too hard, and no knowin' when they would git any rest, for it seemed as though the more we see the more there wuz to see.

Now and then a more transitory guest at the Grand Hotel Sardegna perhaps fancied it the iridescent orb which takes the color of the morning sky, and is destined, in the course of nature, to the danger of collapse in which planetary space abounds.

His head turned like a revolving lighthouse and flared those eyes upon you wherever you went, great luminous orbs, black-centred and gold-ringed and full of silent wonder, or, I should rather say, surprise.

They glittered then with a strange cold light, those variegated orbs, but their ordinary expression was earnest and investigatory.

She felt the presence of God who had made the universe; and she knew that while he guided those glorious orbs in their courses, he also felt compassion and love for her poor suffering heart.

For the Truth is Form allowed, For the glory is the cloud; But the single eye alone Sees with light that is its own, From primeval fountain-head Flowing ere the sun was made; Such alone can be regaled With the Truth by form unveiled; To such an eye his form will be Gushing orb of glory free.

The lingering sun, at ev'ning, hung A glorious orb, divinely beaming On silent lake and tree; And ruddy light was o'er all streaming, Mark, man!

Long with wide eye-lids on her Child she gazed, And long to heaven their tearless orbs she raised; 405 Then with quick foot and throbbing heart she found Where Chartreuse open'd deep his holy ground; [Where Chartreuse.

She jotted down reports, dealt out mail and room-keys, kept her neuralgic eye on stairs and elevators and halls, her sound orb on tube and pantry signals, while through and between and above all she guided the stream of humanity that trickled past her deskbellhops, Polish chambermaids, messenger boys, guests, waiters, parlour maids.

Though all these rare endowments of the mind 270 Were in a narrow space of life confined, The figure was with full perfection crown'd; Though not so large an orb, as truly round.

From the time that he left the deck, until the sun laved its burnished orb in the sea, the individual, who so well knew how to keep alive his authority among the untamed tempers that he governed, was seen no more.

"In whose orb a shadow lies, Like the dusk in evening skies!" Eyes lit from within, large, clear, lustrous, with a meaning in them so profound and serious that it was almost sorrowful,like the eyes of Giotto's saints and Cimabue's Madonnas.

LAMIAT ALAJEM No kind supporting hand I meet, But Fortitude shall stay my feet; No borrow'd splendors round me shine, But Virtue's lustre all is mine; A Fame unsullied still I boast, Obscur'd, conceal'd, but never lost The same bright orb that led the day Pours from the West his mellow'd ray.

There, lolling back in their rocking-chairs, they would pass the evening hours with oft-repeated tales of home; and the moon would come out and glide among the clouds like a silver barge among islands wrapped in mist, and they loved the silently gliding orb with a sort of worship, because from her soaring height she looked down at the same moment upon them and upon their homes in the far Antilles.

Distance in the cosmic order is a standing-apart, which is only another expression of the expansion and abundance of creative life; but at every remove its reflex is nearness, a bond of attraction, insphering and curving, making orb and orbit.

But as the sun was sinking towards the western horizon, a cloud, 'as it were a man’s hand,' was seen to rise as if to meet the glowing orb; and, ere he sank, his rays were obscured by a heavy bank of clouds.

63 Verbs to Use for the Word  orbed
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