191 Verbs to Use for the Word organization

Although it was not easy to see the exact means by which this could be achieved, it appeared necessary as a first step to form an organization having as its sole duty the study of the question, comprising such officers as would be most likely to deal effectively with the problem, supported by the necessary authority to push forward their ideas.

For a long time the winds were adverse, and the Duke employed the interval that passed before he could set sail in completing the organization in and improving the discipline of his army, which he seems to have brought into the same state of perfection as was seven centuries and a half afterward the boast of another army assembled on the same coast, and which Napoleon designed for a similar descent upon England.

And as the final bond of that brotherhood they have established a new organization, the House of Governors.

The first step taken in the national convention, after securing a "temporary organization," is the appointment of a committee on credentials and another on permanent organization, by the temporary chairman.

The Benedictines retained their original organization, they were bound by the same vows (as individuals, the monks were always poor), they wore the same dress, as they did centuries before, and they did not fail in their duties in the choir,singing their mournful chants from two o'clock in the morning.

During the fall of 1858 a large number of the most prominent business men in the vicinity of Seven Corners joined the organization and continued in active membership until the arrival of the first steamer.

In the present instance those foremost in perfecting the organization have also been foremost in asserting that the players' organization's principal aim is to co-operate with the club owners.

Model by-laws, upon which the by-laws controlling the organization may be based, may be obtained from the State Department of Farms and Markets or from the Cooperative League of America.

When Great Britain recognized that the war could not be won by merely sending splendid fighters to the front and meeting the wastage by steady drafts upon the manhood of the country, she began to build an efficient organization of industry at home.

In the carrying out of his scheme and in creating an organization to give effect to the guaranty I believed that I saw as an unavoidable consequence an exaltation of force and an overlordship of the strong nations.

He created, also, a Council of Ministers, which Farini calls the most important act of his reign, "As being that by which the executive power acquired an organization worthy of a civilized state, and altogether novel in that of Rome."

Pope Pius II attempts the organization of a crusade against the Turks; he dies at Ancona; Paul II elected.

But they are pecking at a mountain which requires organized, massive, engineering organization for its blasting.

The great design was to transfer the territory of the Canaanites to the Israelites, and along with it, absolute sovereignty in every respect; to annihilate their political organizations, civil polity, and jurisprudence and their system of religion, with all its rights and appendages; and to substitute therefor, a pure theocracy, administered by Jehovah, with the Israelites as His representatives and agents.

Section 1104 of the Revised Statutes of the United States Congress provides that "the enlisted men of two regiments of Cavalry shall be colored men," and in compliance with this section the War Department maintains the organization of the Ninth and Tenth Cavalry, both composed of colored men with white officers.

In the former cases the "cost" of an Eight Hours Day might be got out of capital, assuming an effective organization of labour, in the latter cases it could not.

The court held them a lawful organization and their literature was not disloyal nor inciting to violence, though the government had combed the country from Chicago to Seattle for witnesses, and used every pamphlet taken from their hall in government raids.

It might be true that no law nor statute recognized the cabinet as a body distinct from the Privy Council, but it was at least equally true that there was no one who was ignorant of the distinction; that it was, in truth, one without which it would be difficult to understand the organization or working of any ministry.

Many are the causes which, within the last ten or twelve years, have influenced the mercantile relations of these Islands, and prevented their organization on permanent and known principles.

The communists, on their side, set up a guerrilla organization behind the Japanese lines, so that, although the Japanese controlled the cities and the lines of communication, they had little control over the countryside.

They only lacked the organization which has made the little British Army the envy of the world.

The formal transfer of the property of the New Panama Canal Company on the Isthmus was made on May 4, 1904, after which the United States began the organization of a force for the construction of the lock type of canal, in the mean time continuing the excavation by utilizing the French material and equipment and such labor as was procurable on the Isthmus.

Ashley of Ohio was chairman of the Committee on Territories in the House, and readily agreed to favor the organization of a territorial government.

It is true that time after time, in the very earliest conventions, resolutions would be passed recommending the organization of women.

Meanwhile the press of students at Paris, collected into various schools,the chief of which were the theological school of Notre Dame, and the school of logic at Mount Geneviève, where Abélard had lectured,demanded a new organization.

191 Verbs to Use for the Word  organization
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