55 Verbs to Use for the Word originalities

Inferior poems, like The Princess, which was written in the first flush of his success, and his dramas, which were written against the advice of his best friends, may easily be criticised; but the bulk of his verse shows an astonishing originality and vigor to the very end.

He is well awarethough not fully at firstthat these conceptions were familiar to St. Bernard and many a Catholic mystic; it was for the poetic apprehension and expression of them that he claimed originality; or, at least, for their unification and systematic development.

He possessed much originality of character, joined to sincerity and genuine piety; and I doubt not he experienced the fulfilment of this promise: "Behold, I have caused thy iniquity to pass from thee, and I will clothe thee with change of raiment."

A great talent, slow but powerful and a potent force, surprising objectivism if the question is about a sentiment, because it is equal to almost complete indifference, such an exceptional gift of seeing the entire soul of humanity and things that it approaches this naturalistic writer to mysticsall that gives him a very great and unusual originality.

It was the practice of Italian artists not to seek originality by diverging from the traditional modes of presentation, but to prove their mastery by rendering these as perfect and effective as the maturity of art could make them.

But the populations whom the Spaniards have converted to their religion have lost all originality, all sense of nationality; yet the alien religion has never really penetrated into their inmost being, they never feel it to be a source of moral support, and it is no accidental coincidence that they are all more or less stamped with a want of dignity....

Near to the ancient Captaincy of the port, the palace of Charles III,blue and white, with an image of the immaculate conception,were assembled the unloading trucks, whose teams still preserved their ancient hybrid originality.

His first attempts, though displaying both originality and power, were received with a contemptuous disdain, as cold and repulsive as the penury and neglect which blighted the budding of his youth.

Used as we are to the natural poetry of Wordsworth and Tennyson, it is hard for us to appreciate the striking originality of this work.

THE VERIFICATION OF MORAL LAWS The carnage of the Boulevard Montmartre constitutes the originality of the coup d'état.

I gained much by my delay in publishing from about 1839, when the theory was clearly conceived, to 1859; and I lost nothing by it, for I cared very little whether men attributed more originality to me or to Wallace; and his essay no doubt aided in the reception of the theory.

Gentle and affectionate in disposition, but at the same time, firm, enduring, and fall of energy, she combined the characteristic qualities of both her parents, and added to them an originality all her own.

This is striking at the root of free-will indeed, and denying the originality of sin in any sense.

The tribes of which we are writing, while they destroy the originality of the communistic ideas of the Nineteenth Century, also disprove the arguments which are principally brought against them.

In fact, there is not a corner of the civilized world in which it is not known, and this proves its originality; for if it were an imitation, the people of Europe, anyhow, would not have found it a novelty.

In so doing we do not question our poet's originality, but merely indicate a certain resemblance in spirit between two originals.

Merely decorative carvings are used with parsimony, and designed in a pure style, although they exhibit originality of invention.

It did not require great originality to think of a crowd as rough in its movements.

Indeed, he is frank in disclaiming all originality of discovery or theory; [10] he has not risked the disappointment and anxiety of improving on the Evolution Gospel, but he has collected and sorted and arranged and published the evidence obtained by others.

In the eighteenth and early part of the nineteenth century the Spaniel was described by many writers on sporting subjects; but there is a great similarity in most of these accounts, each author apparently having been content to repeat in almost identical language what had been said upon the subject by his predecessors, without importing any originality or opinions of his own.

I prefer commencing with the consideration of an effect, keeping originality always in viewfor he is false to himself who ventures to dispense with so obvious and so easily attainable a source of interest.

The work of fine delicacy and reserve, the work that follows, lacking the real originality, is liable to neglect, and may become the victim of ill-luck, unfair influence, or other extraneous factors.

The latter tends to make us mere imitators, whereas the former, in saving us from dangers, leaves our originality unimpaired.

I like the originality of the idea; I'm pleased with the difficulties I see looming ahead; I'm quite sure my girls will rise to every occasion and prove their grit."

He was fond of me; he loved originality in any shape.

55 Verbs to Use for the Word  originalities