101 Verbs to Use for the Word ounce

He found in the palm of his hand a nugget weighing perhaps five ounces, and he flicked it back to the colonel.

Put a large cupful of water in a saucepan; add 2 ounces of butter, 1/4 teaspoonful of salt, 1 tablespoonful of pulverized sugar.

Nay, a pound of care will not pay an ounce of debt.

Then mix 1/2 ounce of butter with 1/2 tablespoonful of curry-powder and 1 tablespoonful of lemon-juice; add to the sauce with the sliced venison; cover and let simmer ten minutes; then add 1 tablespoonful of currant jelly.

" "So I am if you won't" "I tell you we got every ounce we can carry.

The chaff has been beaten in every way and on all sides, without yielding an ounce of grain; and it were ill-advised to rake up the noxious dust that alone remains.

" Nekayah, having heard her favourite's relation, rose and embraced her, and Rasselas gave her a hundred ounces of gold, which she presented to the Arab for the fifty that were promised. CHAP.

I kissed his hands, and delivered my Message; he commanded me to sit down, and presently they brought two gilded cups of that Liquor, made of Mayz [chicha] which scarce contained four ounces of Drink; he took them both, and with his own Hand he gave one of them to me; he drank, and I pledged him, which as we have said, is the custom of Civility amongst them.

He professed himself willing, in case I had any foolish scruples against mixing my blood with that of brutes, to purify my own, and put it back; but I obstinately declined both expedients; whereupon he opened a vein in my arm, and took from it about fourteen ounces of blood.

Passing through the sitting- room, I reminded Ajax that my duck-gun, an eight-bore, could carry two ounces of buck-shot about one hundred yards.

On its first arrival in England, it is so lean as scarcely to weigh above five or six ounces; before its departure, however, it has been known to exceed eight ounces, and is then most delicious eating.

It was but a cold and bleak refuge for all save the hardiest, and for a little while Robert had to use his last ounce of will to save himself from discouragement.

They may coin money; but they cannot buy an ounce of bullion.

There, after paying the local charges from the cargo, some 35 slave men were to be bought at 100 gallons per head, 15 women at 85 gallons, and 15 boys and girls at 65 gallons; and the residue of the rum and miscellaneous cargo was expected to bring some seventy ounces of gold in exchange as well as to procure food supplies for the westward voyage.

The mice in droves within his shop Have eaten an ounce of wool.

A whole winter's toiling and moiling, and thousands of dollars put into the ground, haven't produced an ounce of gold above that claim or below No. 5.

The proportions of fluid which are necessary for the different stages of life, under ordinary circumstances, maybe stated as follows:An infant at its birth requires about one fluid ounce; a child between the age of one and five years, from three to four fluid ounces; and a youth of ten or fifteen, from six to eight fluid ounces.

He broke his leg in the fall, but finding a stick, managed to drag himself along, in the course of three nights, to Birkenmuhl, without a morsel of food, but on the contrary, having left some ounces of skin and flesh of his own on the road.

He had been bled at least four times that year and had lost about fifty ounces of blood.

If the tops are to be whiter, dissolve an ounce of oxalic acid and half an ounce of pumice-stone in a pint of soft water; if a brown colour is intended, mix an ounce of muriatic acid, half an ounce of alum, half an ounce of gum Arabic, and half an ounce of spirit of lavender, in a pint and a half of skimmed milk "turned."

The Prussians came, Paris awaited them quietly with a smile; the shells fell on its houses, it ate black bread, it waited hours in the cold to obtain an ounce of horse-flesh or thirty pounds of green wood; it fought, but was vanquished; it was told to surrender, and "it was given up," as they say at the Hôtel de Ville; and yet through all, Paris had not ceased to smile.

But as for your plan, you would need not ten days, but ten months to find three hundred ounces.

Take half a pound of carrots, when boil'd and peel'd, beat them in a mortar, two ounces of grated bread, a pint of cream, half a pound of suet or marrow, a glass of sack, a little cinnamon, half a pound of sugar, six eggs well beat, leaving out three of the whites, and a quarter of a pound of macaroons; mix all well together; puff-paste round the dish-edge.

Besides" "I'll bet ten ounces there's a señorita," hazarded.

Then stir into it two ounces of flour rubbed into two ounces of butter.

101 Verbs to Use for the Word  ounce