26 Verbs to Use for the Word parasites

This is a great fault in a chronologer to turn parasite: an absolute historian should be in fear of none; neither should he write anything more than truth for friendship, or less for hate; but keep himself equal and constant in all his discourses.

His hand is open and bounteous, yet not so as that he should rather respect his glory than his estate; wherein his wisdom can distinguish betwixt parasites and friends, betwixt changing of favours and expending them.

He is by turns the representative of the virtues individually, and a compendium of them altogether: and this monster, whose features are the counterpart of his soul, find republican parasites who congratulate themselves on resembling him.

Again and again the portrait is presented of man preying upon man, of cunning a parasite upon stupidity and of predatory strength enslaving the weakling intellect.

Your ship carrying that consignment, had Jason Hill as supercargo, and Ned Aiken, that damned parasite of yours, as master.

Their great revenues all in sumptuous pride They spend, that nought to learning they may spare; And the rich fee which poets wont divide 471 Now parasites and sycophants doo share: Therefore I mourne and endlesse sorrow make, Both for my selfe and for my sisters sake.

Transplanted, at the roots of the maori, the lily heals its disease and drives away the parasite.

But in ma een the toon's a parasite.

[3707]Philostratus, a rich man employs a parasite, and as the major of a city, speaks by the town clerk, or by Mr. Recorder, when he cannot express himself.

I do not speak of the cat, to whom we are nothing more than a too large and uneatable prey: the ferocious cat whose side long contempt tolerates us only as encumbering parasites in our own homes.

These abject, fawning parasites and knaves, Since they were such, would have all others slaves.

After each nation got these toys in use[107] There grew up certain drunken parasites, Term'd poets, which, for a meal's meat or two. Would promise monarchs immortality.

Methinks I hear my noble parasites Styling me Caesar or great Alexander; Licking my feet, and wondering where I got This precious ointment.

Another important use of cooking is that it kills any minute parasites or germs in the raw food.

" Overreaching tyranny; the temper which fawns, and clings, and plays the parasite as long as it is down, and when it has risen, fattens on its patron's blood and lifethese, and the other works of the flesh, are the works of average plants and animals, as far as they can practise them.

Throughout life, evidently, he has had capital fingers for plucking off parasites.

This was at that time a formal trade in Athens; and it is certainly no mere poetical fiction which represents such a parasite as expressly preparing himself for his work by means of his books of witticisms and anecdotes.

In the corner seat of the next pew, right before Burns, and not more than two feet off, sat the young lady on whom the poet saw that unmentionable parasite which he has immortalized in song.

Dear "mummy" was that, Kate thought tenderlya willing and reverential parasite, "ladylike" at all costs, contented to have her husband provide for her, her pastor think for her, and Martha Underwood, the domineering "help" in the house at Silvertree, do the rest.

And yet with all his arts he could not thrive; The most unlucky parasite alive.

Indeed, it is only within the last thirty years that the splendid patience of Von Siebold, Van Beneden, Leuckart, Küchenmeister, and other helminthologists, has succeeded in tracing every such parasite, often through the strangest wanderings and metamorphoses, to an egg derived from a parent, actually or potentially like itself; and the tendency of inquiries elsewhere has all been in the same direction.

And as for Sarah Ellen Haggage, that unreverend old parasite brought her a blank cheque signed with her name, and mentioned quite a goodly sum as the extent to which Margaret might go for necessary expenses.

By the Doctor's labour and impartiality, Erasmus appears a begging parasite, who had parts enough to discover truth, and not courage enough to profess it: whose vanity made him always writing; yet his writings ought to have cured his vanity, as they were the most abject things in the world.

"She says, now, you should save your money and buy some useful thing with it," again ventured the parasite.

I rejoice I was not born a parasite, one of the blood-suckers who loll on velvet and satin, crushed from the proceeds of human sweat and blood and souls.

26 Verbs to Use for the Word  parasites