3 Verbs to Use for the Word parity

The establishment of a gold standard fund to maintain the parity between the gold and silver dollar was quickly effected by the sale of exchange on the United States in accordance with the established law, at a cost estimated to be the same as the transportation of the gold coin itself.

People has retained its parity of meaning with the Latin populus, whence it comes, and the word is not properly used except to designate a population, or large fractions of it considered in the mass.

And sinne itt weare such parity in all thinges, Age, mindes, wrecks, bondadge, pursiutes, injuryes Shoold nowe bee separate; the one be freede The t'other left in durance, for the want And pious tender of so smalle a somme.

3 Verbs to Use for the Word  parity