53 Verbs to Use for the Word partridges

You would imagine they were going to hunt lions for months in the ravines of the Atlas, whereas it is only to shoot a stray partridge or a limping hare, or perchance they may meet with a boar.

"I will go to her at once and explain that you are going to eat partridges with me," he interrupted.

There is sport in killing my owne partridge and pheasant; my Trowtes will cost me less than your Lobsters and crayfish drest with amber greece, and I may renew my acquaintance with mutton and bold chines of beefe; entertaine my tenants, that would pay for my housekeeping all the yeere and thanke my worship at Christmas, over and above their rents, with Turkies and Beeves of supererogation.

A few hours later he would have brought a spruce partridge to Gray Wolf, but just as he was about to spring upon his feathered prey the soft chatter of a porcupine a few yards away brought him to a sudden stop.

She had tried hard now and then to catch a partridge, or a rabbit, but she had always failed.

"Well, sir, we may sometimes find a partridge."

After dinner, went out shooting near Jebanah, and bagged a few partridges, but, not returning before the sun went down, the Bey sent a dozen fellows bawling out our names, fearing some harm had befallen us.

He would be a good neighbour if he did not destroy so many partridges: in short, he is a very sensible man, shoots flying, and has been several times foreman of the petty jury.

As you brush through the long grass and trample the tangled undergrowth, putting aside the sprawling branches, or dodging under the pliant arms of the creepers, you may flush a black or grey partridge, raise a covey of quail, or startle a quiet family party of peafowl, but there are no sweet singers flitting about to make the vaulted arcades of the forest echo to their music.

In this island I beheld a strange spectacle with great delight; a man, who led about with him more than 4000 partridges.

You may roast a partridge the same way, only add crumb sauce in a bason.

Tom had brought a small gun with him, and, soon after they resumed their walk, saw some partridges and fired upon them.

" Also he lampooned them under the style of Avidieu and Avidieu's wife, who "Sell their presented partridges or fruits, And humbly live on rabbits and on roots; One half-pint bottle serves them both to dine, And is at once their vinegar and wine.

The Duke sent Mr. Thrale partridges and fruit.

At the White Mountains, the regions of this species and of the Canada grouse or spruce partridge are as well defined in height as those of the maples and the "black growth."

They've been and stole my partridges.

Pluck, draw, and wipe the partridges; cut off the legs at the first joint, and season them inside with pepper, salt, minced parsley, and a small piece of butter; place them in the dish, and pour over the stock; line the edges of the dish with puff paste, cover with the same, brush it over with the yolk of an egg, and bake for 3/4 to 1 hour.

Then, on the edge of a field, he beheld some red partridges fluttering around a stubble-field.

Roger has forgotten the partridges.

Sir John too had given up his partridges,for a day or two.

" "You go 'ome," ses Policeman White, handing the partridges back to 'im.

She hunts field-mice, shrew-miceeven partridge, and this hard work in the fields has toughened her young muscles and given a rather gloomy expression to her kitten-face.

Writing from this country home which he had built, he says, "The birds know me already, and I have learned to imitate the partridge and rain-dove, so that I can lure them to me.

I asked, leisurely bisecting a partridge.

I have known the white partridge, or ptermigan, to wander thus far south.

53 Verbs to Use for the Word  partridges
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