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24 Verbs to Use for the Word pas

Not unfrequently, the pretty little creature was called upon to dance a pas seul; for she had improvised a dance for herself to the tune of Yankee Doodle, and it was very amusing to see how emphatically she stamped the rhythm.

Consequently, when his brother and sister began reveling in the clear, cold dawn, Kirk executed a joyous little pas seul in the middle of the living-room floor and set off on a tour of exploration.

A Chinese gentleman spends an hour in imploring a relative to dine with him,utterly refusing, so urgent is his desire of company, to accept No for an answer,and then flies into a rage because the cousin commits the faux pas of yielding to his importunity, and agreeing to dine.

At first following the coast he captured various pas by the way, including a strong position at Otapawa, which was fairly stormed in the face of a stout defence, during which both sides suffered more than a little.

Vous alliez en avant sans compter tous vos pas!

Tenez, vous dites que vous m'aimez, n'est-ce pas?

Mademoiselle, votre père et le sien s'aimoient beaucoup; pourquoi les enfants ne s'aimeroient-ils pas?

It was a very popular test of chivalry, as the defender hung up his escutcheons on trees or posts put up for the purpose, and whoever wished to force this "pas" had to touch one of the escutcheons with his sword, and have his name inscribed by the King-at-arms in charge of them.

But later he 'cided to build him a house in town so he got my pa to he'p him build it an' it was one of de purtiest houses in Aberdeen.

Meantime, by permission of the King, Messire Claude de Vauldray had caused it to be published and declared throughout the city that he would hold the "pas" against all comers, both on foot and on horseback, on the approaching Monday.

Further south lay a larger pa, that of Kaiapoi.

395 He, having overlookt their pas at ease, Gan at the length them to rebuke againe, That no good trade of life did entertaine, But lost their time in wandring loose abroad; Seeing the world, in which they bootles boad,

You remember the pa that took his weak-minded child to the ball, and told him to set still and not speak or they would find him out.

Nul n'avait vu ce roi sourire; le sourire N'étant pas plus possible à ces lèvres de fer Que l'aurore à la grille obscure de l'enfer.

Today Sir DONALD MACLEAN, as senior Privy Councillor, took the pas and was able from personal experience to give his conception of the ideal Speaker, who "must not only have good vision but be sometimes quite blind; not only have acute hearing but occasionally be almost stone-deaf."

He patted me on the head, and said: "Tell your pa I will see him later, and in the meantime, you run your circus and I will try to run mine.

In the waiting-room he told his faux pas to the Ministers, either coming from or going into the Audience Hall, and expressed his annoyance that the proper formula for returning thanks had slipped his mind when it did.

" Well, I just had time to put the monkey back in the cage when I saw that couple surround pa, and the woman grabbed the baby out of his arms, and the man tackled pa around the legs below the knee, and threw pa down under the ostrich cage, and said: "You kidnaper!

Correct the division of the following words by Rule 2d: "oy-er, fol-io, gen-ial, gen-ius, jun-ior, sa-tiate, vi-tiate;am-bro-sia, cha-mel-ion, par-hel-ion, con-ven-ient, in-gen-ious, om-nis-cience, pe-cul-iar, so-cia-ble, par-tial-i-ty, pe-cun-ia-ry;an-nun-ciate, e-nun-ciate, ap-pre-ciate, as-so-ciate, ex-pa-tiate, in-gra-tiate, in-i-tiate, li-cen-tiate, ne-go-tiate, no-vi-ciate, of-fi-ciate, pro-pi-tiate, sub-stan-tiate.

"So all you've got to do, Molly, is to do as he tells you to, obey and trust Him jest as the child trusts his pa, and asks him for what he wants most, you must ask Him for the desire of your heart, and if it is best for you, dear, He will bring it to pass.

He proceeded to destroy the plantations and to attack the pas of the insurgents.

The Professor and Jarvis had both departed to their lairs, or they would have witnessed the best pas seul of Bambi's life.

"Adam Stanhouse brought my pa from Virginia with him.

A remnant, a little handful, built themselves a pa on one of the Sugar-Loaves.

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