209 Verbs to Use for the Word passengers

The African ostrich is sometimes trained to carry passengers on his back, but the player of "our national game" is often seen "going out on a Foul.

The following forenoon the liveryman at the Junction brought to Millville a passenger who had arrived by the morning traina quiet, boyish-looking man with a shock of brick-red hair and a thin, freckled face.

"Suddenly the Königin Luise started off without taking any passengers on board, and soon disappeared under full steam.

But then the rich presents of gold and silver given him by Alcinous, which he saw carefully laid up in secure places near him, staggered him: which seemed not like the act of wrongful or unjust men, such as turn pirates for gain, or land helpless passengers in remote coasts to possess themselves of their goods.

The Steamboat Seneca will transfer | | passengers from Albany to Troy.

They had also seen one foot passenger, and two horsemen.

Gracious mercy, are you a fool, Captain Franks?" "Ask the passenger himself, for here he comes."

Looking eagerly ahead, the three middies saw two of the launches go along side of the "Massachusetts" and discharge passengers.

At length the cart arrived at Ronleigh, and set down the three passengers at the corner of Broad Street, the principal thoroughfare; and here their adventures seemed to have terminated.

These steamers always keep close into the coast; they touch at eighteen stations (fortresses and military posts), carry military transports of all kinds, and convey all passengers free.

Taking the "Columbia" as a sample of the class of steamships in the Union Pacific fleet, we notice that she is 334 feet long, 2,200 horse-power, nearly 3,000 tonnage, has 65 state-rooms, and can accommodate 200 saloon and 200 steerage passengers.

The engine-driver, questioned as to whether he liked having passengers on the engine and whether he considered it safe for them, was understood to say that so long as they didn't get in his way it didn't matter to him, and as to its being safe for them, he jolly well didn't care whether it was safe for them or not.

A flying bridge wafted me across the river, which is exceedingly broad and rapid to the north bank, where a barge was in waiting to receive passengers for Venice.

No scar on face, cannot find first-class passenger with one.

They were also promptly handed in at the office, despite the fact that the stages sometimes broke down and left their passengers to plod on foot through the miry roads leading into London.

They have a sort of awning to protect the passenger from the rays of the sun; and being light are easily rowed about, although they are exceedingly uncomfortable to sit in, from the lowness of the seats, and liable to overset, if the weight is not placed near the bottom.

He is never so much in his majesty as in his night-watch, where he sits in his chair of state, a shop-stall, and environed with a guard of halberts, examines all passengers.

"They used to work the express trains, robbing the passengers in the sleeping berths.

At the town of Elboeuf, we picked up another passenger; a country woman, with a basket or two, and a high Normandy cap, had come on board at one of the villages; and with this small reinforcement we proceeded, halting occasionally to mend some damage in the engine, and putting up a sail whenever we could take advantage of the breeze.

" He descended with a good grace, and told his passengers to get down, while the coachman unharnessed his horses and went away shaking his cloak.

It was cut smooth, and enclosed between parallel walls; the outer of which secures the passenger from the precipice, which is deep and dreadful.

I would advise the passengers to turn into their berths.

"Waal, I says tew 'em, I says: 'Want ter drop a passenger at Twin Coves?'

Perry gang going to throw No. 17 off track nearxth mile-post, this division, about nine to-morrow (Thursday) night, kill passengers, and rob express and mail.

"This is what comes of letting a passenger in here," he said.

209 Verbs to Use for the Word  passengers