437 Verbs to Use for the Word path

After reaching Arochuku, Mary followed the jungle paths over which the slaves had been made to walk for hundreds of years.

He went to see Bismarck the next day, found him at home, and very civil; he was quite friendly, very courteous and "bonhomme, original, and even amusing in his conversation, but with a hard look about the eyes which bodes no good to those who cross his path."

On her way back to the town, for which she started at about 9.45, she took as a short cut the right-of-way path running across the park and passing near the house.

All you've got to do is to find a path leading down, and to follow it.

The Master's answer was, "Give a foremost place to honesty and faithfulness, and tread the path of righteousness, and you will raise the standard of virtue.

The sun pursues the same path in the corresponding latitudes of both hemispheres; but being without any moon, they have a dull and dreary night, though the light from the stars is much greater than with us.

When he had come to the thin spot in the thicket, Rudolph Musgrave left the path, and entered the shrubbery.

The Colonel and the Travelling Priest were walking in Indian file the new-made, hard-packed path.

Lead me by Thine own hand; Choose out my path for me.

I shall open up a path to the interior or perish.

The mother replied that Uncle Philip knew the paths as well as she, if not even better.

The powers of darkness were arrayed against him, fate scowled savagely upon him, disaster blocked his path, the iron horse refused to draw him, but he remained undaunted and determined.

I'll seek a readier path, and go Where wisdom's surely taught below.

I have cleared the path.

I had to be very careful, I remember, to mark my path, so that I could retrace it, and I followed the Border device of making a chip here and there in the bark of trees, and often looking backward to remember the look of the place when seen from the contrary side.

He spread out his expressive hands as if smoothing the path of M. Vassili through this stony world.

So cut they bloody path through Pertolepe's deep array, on and forward with darting point and deep-biting edge, unheeding wounds or shock of blows, until Beltane beheld the press yield, thin out, and melt away, thereupon shouted he hoarse and loud, rode down a knight who sought to bar his way, unhorsed a second, and wheeling his snorting charger, wondered at the seeming quiet; then lifting his vizor, looked about him.

But we are left to grope as blind sheep; there is no one to point out the path to us, however dimly; no one to say, at any crucial moment of our lives, Walk here!

Rolfe walked through the plantation, his footsteps falling noiselessly on the pine needles which strewed the path.

After a time they struck a path approaching the plantation in the rear, and a little after, passing from behind a clump of live-oaks, they came in sight of the villa.

But hush my griefsand hush my song, I've mourned in vainI've mourned too long; When none have come to sootheAnd dark's the path, that lies before, And dark have been the days of yore, And all was dark in youth.

They lighted the path to generous dealings with other men.

They had entered the enclosed path, called Church Walk, and passing the branch which led to the drive, kept on between the tall laurel hedges.

" He barred her path.

And when her foot touched the rock, and that sinking sense of emptiness and vacancy ceased, she looked around and saw the path by which that traveller had come.

437 Verbs to Use for the Word  path