450 Verbs to Use for the Word peace

"Shamán go way," volunteered an old fellow who hitherto had held his peace; "all get sick"he coughed painfully"heap

When labor ceases to be degrading, the military school will give place to the academy, commerce will be honored, and a check be given to military aspirations; and should an insurrection again occur, the loyal population bordering the coast may be armed to resist alike insurrection at home and intervention from abroad, and unite with our navy in preserving the peace of the country.

Our present duty is to bring peace, industry, intelligence, high ideals, and spiritual living to our new countrymen.


These questions did not disturb her peace or joy, for she knew that which is so often veiled on earth,that all is accomplished by the will of the Father, and that nothing can happen but according to His appointment and under His care.

Thus the Carthaginians being allowed to depart from Rome, when they had gone into Africa to Scipio concluded the peace on the terms before mentioned.

In order to secure peace, it is decreed and plebiscited that all governments shall have a chance.

Mr. Newton has promised me to overlook your behavior, which is most generous on his part, and I trust you will see the wisdom of making peace with him.

" "My word!" said Rudolph Musgrave, "your methods of restoring domestic peace to a distracted household are, to say the least, original!"

Now Beltane, being elder, was Duke of that country, and the country maintained peace within its borders and the people thereof waxed rich and happy.

They gave the Cabinet, the President, no peace until General Scott and McDowell had given way and promised the pending movement.

And they told her that they had all been poor and labored hard in the old time, and had never rested; so that now it was the Father's good pleasure that they should enjoy great peace and consolation among the fresh-breathing fields and on the riverside, so that there were many who even now had little occupation except to think of the Father's goodness, and to rest.

" He only desired, as the exponent of a great democracy, a peace which should be the expression of right and justice, evolving from the War a League of Nations, the first milestone in a new era of civilization, a league destined to bind together ex-belligerents and neutrals in one.

It is to those who seek only peace and a quiet life that adventures fall; the homely merchant, jogging with his pack train, finds the enchanted forest and the sleeping princess; and Saul, busily searching for his father's asses, stumbles upon a kingdom.

The will of those who broke the peace prevailed.

" With his marvellously quick insight, after having listened to the speeches of which force was the leading motive (the tendency round him was not to establish a lasting peace but to vivisect Germany), Lloyd George saw that it was not a true peace that was being prepared.

In order that the pacific community may be able to go on doing its work, it must be strong enough and warlike enough to overcome its barbaric neighbours who have no notion whatever of keeping peace.

If it was possible to obtain a just peace, why go to the bitter end when defeat was manifestly inevitable?

In all his messages President Wilson had repeatedly declared that he wanted a peace based on justice and equity, of which he outlined the fundamental conditions; moreover, he stated that he had no quarrel with the Germans themselves, but with the men who were at their head, and that he did not wish to impose on the vanquished peace terms such as might savour of oppression.

I speak peace to him that is near, and to him that is far off, saith the Lord; and I will heal him.

Thus slept Beltane, like a weary child upon a mother's breast, and knew great peace and solace and a deep and utter content.

Messieurs Comte de Lalaing (London), Greindl (Berlin), Leghait (Paris), evidently believed that the activities of the Triple Alliance and the Triple Entente endangered the peace of Europe.

Never could I testify in another trial which threatened her peace of mind.

Much to the disgust of his simple and war-hardened comrades, he first sent to the Hungarians and purchased peace and paid them tribute.

"Nought but that he was a great and lusty fighter who yet loved peace and mercy, but truth and justice most of all.

450 Verbs to Use for the Word  peace
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