224 Verbs to Use for the Word penning

" "Now," said Cartwright, and taking out his fountain pen, rang a bell.

"If there be a regency, the intended journey to Chatsworth must be laid aside, as I must now lay aside my pen for want of the day.

Who knows how to dip a pen within the twilight?

When he did, often his fingers held a pen which he had forgotten to lay aside.

There was a moment's silence when Vanbraam had finished reading, and then, without raising his head, Colonel Washington signed, and threw the pen far from him.

He wielded a vigorous pen and possessed a very irascible temper.

That heavy taxes will not deter the people from any favourite enjoyment, has been already shown by the unsuccessfulness of the last attempt to restrain them from the use of spirits, and may be every day discovered from the use of tobacco, which is universally taken by the common people, though a very high duty is laid upon it, and though a king thought it so pernicious that he employed his pen against it.

And when the detective had gone, he threw himself into a chair, lighted one of his strongest cigars, drew pen, ink, and paper to him, and began to work at his problem with a grim determination to evolve at any rate a clear theory of its possible solution.

Unable to wield the sword, he seizes his poetical pen, resolved to become the Chronicler and Historian of the war, and thus add his little mite for the improvement of future generations.

The finest pens I'll use, and wond'rous pains I'll take, And I these perfect lines my monitors will make.

After a little, I picked up the pen, which I had laid down, and recommenced my work.

All the time I was at the E. I. H. I never mended a pen; I now cut 'em to the stumps, marring rather than mending the primitive goose-quill.

A quarter of an hour may have passed; then, all at once, the dog howled again, and with such a plaintively sorrowful note, that I jumped to my feet, dropping my pen, and inking the page on which I was at work.

The next minute saw Dr. Mossy departing hurriedly from the place, while the editor complacently resumed his pen, assured that he would not return.

"Didn't I?" Father Brachet held him up; the Boy gave him the pen and steadied the paper.

Oh! CHARLEY, CHARLEY, give us a grip of your knob, old hunk"and I slewed over towards him for to shake hands when he suddenly drawed back, kinder gloomy like, putting down his pen and chewing his gums sort of swagewise.

Says the pig, "You will care If I act like a bear And tear your two wings from your neck," "What a nice little pen You have got!" says the hen, Beginning to scratch and to peck.

" "Did he hand the pen?"

The girl showed us how to write the letter, tooshe said she'd often heard of anonymous letters being written that wayand she brought out three different pens and a bottle of ink and a writing pad.

There we shall find Washington Irving's pen busily at work for us, and the pens of others, who make up a noble company.

One day the tears rolled down his cheeks because he could no longer force his fingers to grasp the pen.

THE YOUNG LETTER-WRITER Dear Sir, Dear Madam, or Dear Friend, With ease are written at the top; When those two happy words are penn'd, A youthful writer oft will stop, And bite his pen, and lift his eyes, As if he thinks to find in air The wish'd-for following words, or tries To fix his thoughts by fixed stare.

I had not touched my pen on the subject for five years, having been stopped and brought to a halt on the threshold of Induction.

It is in the old seat by the river's edge I write these words, and as I lay down the pen, my hand falls on those carved letters, T and D, with a little heart around them,very faint, now, and worn with frequent kisses,and as I lift my head, I see coming to me across the grass the woman who carved them there and whom I love.

At last the scribe flung down his pen, and read aloud, as follows "The Rectory, San Lorenzo, "September 1, "To the Rev. George Carteret.

224 Verbs to Use for the Word  penning