105 Verbs to Use for the Word perfume

The queen of flowers here appeared under every variety of colour, size, and speciesred, white, black, and yellowbudding, full-blown, and half-blown;some with thorns, and some without; some odourless, and others exhaling their unrivalled perfume with an overpowering sweetness.

Shy violets among the tangled grass, Shed forth your richest perfumes 'neath her feet!

The moon was already filling the night with her soft splendour when Beltane, coming to a certain wall, swung himself up, and, being there, paused to breathe the sweet perfume of the flowers whose languorous fragrance wrought in him a yearning deep and passionate, and ever as love-longing grew, bitterness and anger were forgot.

I again stooped to the flower, and as I inhaled its perfume, "Surely," said I to myself, "this rose would be sweet if I were to lose my memory altogether:" but recollecting the great Reffei's argument, I mentally added thanks to divine philosophy, which always corrects our natural prejudices.

And the table, flowery with roses, sent forth a delightful perfume under the rain of summer sunbeams which flecked it with gold athwart the cool shady foliage.

And there diffused its sweet perfume, Within the silent shade.

They were sitting on the bank in the shadow of the breaker, and the soft wind was bringing up to them the perfume of apple-blossoms from the orchard down by the road-side.

This is wanton excess; it is gilding the golden pill, and throwing fresh perfume on the Mistura Assafoetidae.

On his arrival he wished to venerate the Mother of God; the tomb was opened for him, but nothing was found save the linen grave-clothes, which gave forth a sweet perfume.

It is built of a costly wood, Bearing the strange perfume Of the gorgeous solitude, Where it grew in tropical gloom; And the odorous scent, the spicy balm Of its isle it will bear to me, As I stand on the shore, in the magic calm.

For a single instant she paused to scent the delightful and delicate perfume that seemed to render the interior sacred; then her fingers resumed their office.

His tables were always covered with delicacies; wines of every vintage sparkled in his bowls, and his lamps scattered perfumes.

~L'Amour, L'Amour.~ We catch the fleeting perfume of roses As the evening closes the golden day, And the rhythmic beating of waves in motion Comes from the ocean a mile away; In the west is dying the sunset's splendor, And twilight tender enfolds the land; Where the tide is flying a-down the river, And the grasses quiver, we silent stand.

Then the cool morning breezes swept freely through our dwelling, now and then wafting the perfume of sweet grasses from newly burnt prairie.

And she sprinkled the precious perfumes as though they were water on Ferragut's hair, over his curled beard, advising the sailor to close his eyes in order not to be blinded by this crazy baptism.

Mariners detect the flowery perfume of land-winds far at sea, and sea-winds carry the fragrance of dulse and tangle far inland, where it is quickly recognized, though mingled with the scents of a thousand land-flowers.

The sun doth shake Light from his locks, and, all the way Breathing perfumes, doth spice the day.

He smelt the earth and trees and flowers, the perfume of mown grass, and the bits of open heath-land far away in the heart of the woods.

It is like painting the lily or adding a perfume to the violet, and has on one the unpleasant effect that is made by the heavy odours in which the same type of person drenches herself, so that to pass her is like passing through a sickly fog.

Sit down here, Norman; my room looks cool enough, does it not?" In its way her room was a triumph of art; the hangings were of pale amber and whitethere was a miniature fountain cooling the air with its spray, choice flowers emitting sweet perfume.

Out from one yard floated the rich perfume of some early flowering shrub.

Winter chid aloud, and sent The angry north to wage his wars: The north forgot his fierce intent, And left perfumes instead of scars.

He rouged his roses, and poured perfume upon his jessamines, until we fainted under the oppression of beauty and odour, and were ready to "die of a rose in aromatic pain.

June in Manitoba, when the tender green of grass and leaf is bathed in the sparkling sunshine; when the first wild roses are spilling their perfume on the air, and the first orange lilies are lifting their glad faces to the sun; when the prairie chicken, intent on family cares, runs cautiously beside the road, and the hermit thrushes from the thickets drive their sweet notes into the quiet evening.

You must shake or shatter the vase to spread its perfume, you must smite the rock to get the spark!

105 Verbs to Use for the Word  perfume
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