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103 Verbs to Use for the Word  permissions

103 Verbs to Use for the Word permissions

But the millwright, after the dam was completed, having artfully obtained his permission to use the waste water, and fraudulently erected there a common water-mill, which soon obtained all the neighbouring custom, he had sold out that property, and resorted to the agency of gunpowder, which is quite as philosophical a process as that of congelation, and much less expensive.

On his way he met Barnett, who asked and received permission to accompany him.

I then asked permission to call her cousin.

"The Board in Scotland has given me permission to be your assistant at Akpap," said Miss Wright.

I know that he will grant her permission to take Richard home with her, and the question now is whether it is safe to let them go together alone?"

Accordingly, though he himself was the originator of the war, and by his coming had upset the truce which had been entered into, and cut off all hopes of a treaty, yet concluding that more favorable terms might be obtained if he solicited peace while his strength was unimpaired than when vanquished, he sent a message to Scipio requesting permission to confer with him.

He is like the Duke of Saxe-Meiningenhe has to beg his neighbor's permission to hold battalion drill.

She got permission from Mavity to go upstairs.

"Under almost any other circumstances I would flatly refuse permission for any man to leave the fort; but now it seems as if it was of the highest importance we should know what is taking place in the enemy's camp.

Those within consisted, for the most part, of priests, who being adverse to the bloody business of war, in a few days solicited permission to capitulate.

It was not long before she sought and gained permission to establish a Bible class for the other Nightingale nurses, which proved a great blessing to several of them.

I now entreat your permission to lay a stone upon her; and have sent the inscription, that, if you find it proper, you may signify your allowance.

These missionaries, terrified with the dangers which might attend their proposing a new doctrine to so fierce a people, of whose language they were ignorant, stopped some time in France, and sent back Augustine to lay the hazards and difficulties before the pope, and crave his permission to desist from the undertaking.

I reminded him that we are all three in the top grease grade, and told him that we wanted permission to take a short stroll through Annapolis to-night.

Gratiano, and Nerissa, Portia's waiting-maid, were in attendance upon their lord and lady, when Portia so gracefully promised to become the obedient wife of Bassanio; and Gratiano, wishing Bassanio and the generous lady joy, desired permission to be married at the same time.

She secured permission to have the sound and unsound fruits and vegetables separated and with a large committee of women saved the food for consumption by the community by dehydrating and other preserving processes.

The workmen of Murano were to have holiday, and a great feast was spread for them by Girolamo in the long exhibition hall of the stabilimenti, for which it had been needful to procure permission of the Senate; but for once it suited well the humor of this august and autocratic body that one of the people should, for a day, make himself great among them.

No sooner have they taken possession of their new command, and gratified with some act of oppression the wantonness of new authority, but they desert their charge with the formality of demanding a permission to be absent, which their commander dares not deny them.

Her Majesty the Queen-Regent of Holland has graciously accorded special permission to the writer of the following article to visit the Royal Palaces of Amsterdam and The Hague to obtain photographs for publication in this Magazine: a privilege of the greatest value, which is now accorded for the first time, the palaces never before having been photographed.

Independently of these monopolies, there are exports of merchandise of a special character, and requiring a special permission from the Sultan, such as grains and beasts of burden; and, if we may be permitted, bipeds, or Jews and Jewesses.

" The Commander opened his eyes at this cool proposal, but we prevailed upon him to seek the permission of the Admiral-Superintendent, who, a good deal to my surprise, proved to be quite pliable.

"I claim permission to speak, because the matter touches closely and cruelly my own honour.

The wives of their chief men implored permission to go with the army, pointing out their usefulness and their great eagerness to share the coming triumph.

[Footnote 6: He meant the permission to import slaves.

Helena was no sooner married, than she was desired by Bertram to apply to the king for him for leave of absence from court; and when she brought him the king's permission for his departure, Bertram told her that as he was not prepared for this sudden marriage, it had much unsettled him, and therefore she must not wonder at the course he should pursue.

After Saturday dinner, Dave and Dan, having secured permission to visit in Annapolis, steered their course through the gate, straight up Maryland Avenue, through State Circle and around into Main Street, to the Maryland House.

Sextus broke the seal, merely glancing at Pertinax, taking permission for granted.

While we were waiting permission to land, a scene presented itself which recalled the pagan days of Sicily to my mind.

Have I your permission to proceed?' "You can scarcely need a permission, being the master of your own secrets, Mr. Powis.

I have written permission to make use of our plane, turning it over to a certain agent in Dunkirk after we've arrived there.

He accordingly withdrew his permission, stating that he had not been before apprised of the precise nature of the assembly.

Three or four steps, so light that they seemed to be irresistibly winning permission from her, and he had sat down on another flat-topped rock close by.

"Let does not only express permission; but praying, exhorting, commanding.

Then she advanced solemnly to the middle of the room, displacing Mr. Hardcastle, who graciously made way and waved his hand to signify to her his permission to proceed.

Mahomet was sure enough of himself and his magnetism to allow the clause to stand, which allowed any backslider full permission to return to Mecca.

She rallied all her war-worn fairness with all her feminine art, and to her amazement, with a gleam of purpose yet without the softening of a lineament, he said yes, waved permission across to the guard and left her.

"I should like your permission to telephone to my hotel in New York for some clothing.

"May I light a cigarette and help you?" She nodded permission, and I awaited the result of her meditation.

They are probably ready and only awaiting the permission of the Vatican.

I shall accept your kind permission to get back to my work now, Mrs. Bergmann.

A compliment of the like nature was paid to the representative Prieur de la Marne,* by a volunteer, who having learned that his own brother was taken amongst the enemy, requested, by way of recommending himself to notice, a formal permission to be his executioner.

This could not be gained, but she purchased permission to see him.

They would marrywhat they called marriage in those daysand the husband would have to git permission from his master to go visit his wife and git permission from her master to come there.

I told him he might come, but he said it was too like burglary;" and she cantered off again without waiting to hear my mother's permission.

He began by confirming the enormous confiscations of the properties of the Jews, who had been banished from the kingdom, and afterwards sold a temporary permission to some of the richest of them to return.

Hernando del Pulgar was not at hand, but one of his young companions-in-arms, Garcilasso de la Vega by name, putting spurs to his horse, galloped to the hamlet of Zubia, threw himself on his knees before the King, and besought permission to accept the defiance of this insolent infidel and to revenge the insult offered to our blessed Lady.

May is used to denote permission, possibility, purpose, or desire.

Drusus, the son of Tiberius, although he had not participated in the war, was voted permission to attend the sittings of the senate before he became a member of that body, and when he should become quæstor to cast his vote before the exprætors.

It appears that they have given the scene-painter a free ticket, and I assume that it carries permission to dance, provided he does not display in an unseemly manner the patch in the rear of his best tunic.

Caesar on learning this declared, to prevent its appearing that he had been abandoned by them as a result of some injustice, that he had sent them out voluntarily and that he granted the rest who so wished permission to depart unarmed to Antony.

St. Francis Xavier found time to preach to his many neophytes, to teach them, to baptize them, and yet he did not use the permission given him to shorten his Breviary prayer.

At the end I came out by the same door wherein I wentminus a permission.

Thus when at Richmond in 1823 ninety-two free negroes petitioned the Virginia legislature on behalf of themselves and several hundred slaves, reciting that the Baptist churches used by the whites had not enough room to permit their attendance and asking sanction for the creation of a "Baptist African Church," the legislature withheld its permission.

It is still necessary to obtain permission to travel on the Transcaspian, permission which the Russian administration does not willingly accord to an Englishman; but this man has apparently been able to get one.

But she had accompanied this permission by many absurd restrictions.

But his successor, Robert de Lymeseywhose greed appears to have been notable in a greedy agehaving the king's permission to farm the monastic revenues until the appointment of a new abbot, held it for seven years, and then, in 1102, removed his stool to Coventry.

"The physician who attended me procured permission to bury them on some private land below the city.

Then Bartja begged permission to speak.

" "And with regard to the 'Thumbograph'?" "Find out who has it, and, if it is still in Mrs. Hornby's possession, get her to lend it to us orwhat might, perhaps, be betterget her permission to take a photograph of it.

No blame attacheth to the Prophet when God hath given him a permission.

"To prosecute the judges and the ringleaders," said a letter to Voltaire from the generous advocate of the Calas, Elias de Beaumont, "requires the permission of the council, and there is great reason to fear that these petty plebeian kings appear powerful enough to cause the permission, through a weakness honored by the name of policy, to be refused.

"An' now, Mrs. Belloo mam," Adam concluded, "wi' your kind permission, I'll step into the kitchen, an' drink a glass o' Prue's aleto your 'ealth, and 'appiness.

So when King Arthur confirmed Sir Launcelot's permission Sir Lionel also made himself ready very joyfully, and early of the morning of the next day they two took their leave of the court and rode away together; the day being very fair and gracious and all the air full of the joy of that seasonwhich was in the flower of the spring-time.

Certainly, this letter is not very affectionate, nor even a courteous one from so near a relative," and she placed in my hand the cold and supercilious note of the Earl of Pomfret, containing a permission to visit his castle, rather than invitation.

In answer she declined the permission, but asked to see his wife and child.

Ce n'est donc pas la retenue d'à présent, qui donne bien d'autres permissions.

"So she wants to dowith your permission.

Perhaps by this very act he is earning permission to come back again, a wiser and a more useful man.

She had not sought it, Some one in gold lace called her "blamed lucky" to enjoy the ordinary permissions accorded Tom, Dick, and Harry.

Vous êtes trop bon. J'avais d'avance usé de la permission en demandant mes chevaux....

The Canton of Thurgau had had the courage to extend permission to the duchess to take up her residence within its borders, at the very moment when the Grand-duke of Baden, who had been urged to the step by Germany and France, had peremptorily ordered Hortense to leave Constance and his grand-duchy without delay.

The whole court of Mantua, with hereditary regard for Tasso, whose father had been one of their ornaments, were desirous of having him among them; and the prince extorted Alfonso's permission to take him away, on condition (so hard did he find this late concession to humanity, and so fearful was he of losing the dignity of jailor) that his deliverer should not allow him to quit Mantua without obtaining leave.

Take one into keeping, prescribe everything, thoughts, actions, manners, so that he never shall find either permission or opportunity to ask his own intellect, What is true?

Up to this point Crusoe's admirable training had nailed him to the spot where he had been left, although the twitching of every fibre in his body and a low continuous whine showed how gladly he would have hailed permission to join in the combat; but the instant he saw his master down, and the buffalo turning to charge again, he sprang forward with a roar that would have done credit to his bovine enemy, and seized him by the nose.

I hez your permission, sah?"

All I can find in Arundel that pleases me lies in the little town itself, and in the old church of which one half, the chancel, has been closed to all who do not hold the Duke's written permission to enter itas though the house of God, even though it be the property of a Catholic duke, were not by nature as it were free to all.

I impute the permission we received to the influence of our consul, together with Mr. Sturges, whose agreeable manners, conciliatory tone, and high standing with the authorities, will, I am satisfied, insure us at all times every reasonable advantage or facility.

And I think I should like to introduce you to a very dear friend of minewith your permission, of course.

I'm coming inwith your permission.

It was believed that much gold had been hidden away by the wretched survivors, and fired with the hope of laying his own hands upon this treasure, Sir William first issued a permission for searching, and then started himself upon the search.

The Commandant justified his permission to let me remain by eulogising the noble work upon which I was engaged, but though the Staff Officer's objections were hushed, he did not enthuse over my coming.

He held a regular commission in the allied armies of France and Sardinia, but was so hampered by jealous generals that Victor Emmanueldictator as well as kinggave him permission to quit the regular army, go where he liked, and fight as he pleased.

A throe upon the features A hurry in the breath, An ecstasy of parting Denominated "Death," An anguish at the mention, Which, when to patience grown, I 've known permission given To rejoin its own.

" "It may not be, Carlothou knowest the permission of the authoritiesI have exceededwhy should I wish to conceal it from theebut it was not permitted to thee to enter at this hour.

They were buying from the lord, in whose "demesne" they lay, permission to gather wood in the forest, right of common in its pasture, the commutation of their services in harvest-time for "reap-silver," and of their bondage to the lord's mill for "multure-penny."

It's earlier than usual, but I'm soawfully tired?" There was so urgent an air of secrecy in her manner that Carthy muttered his permission out of the corner of his mouth.

McHenry, the Secretary of War, offered a series of seven propositions to be recommended to Congress: 1. Permission to merchant ships to arm; 2.

To the Editor of the Nineteenth Century and After I owe permission to make use of my article on "The Taj and its Designers," published in that Review, June, 1903.

Her woman companion passed the permission on, and the hunter made it audible by a grunt of assent.

But these causes do not operate to prevent the permission of separations grounded in their proper causes, respecting which see above, n. 252-254; and also of concubinage, respecting which see the second part of this work.

Scipio promised the hostages permission to return home so soon as their respective communities should have entered into alliance with Rome, and employed the resources which the city afforded to reinforce and improve the condition of his army.

C'est vne action directement opposée à la bien-séance, de lire quelque livre, quelques lettres ou autres choses semblables dans vne conversation ordinaire, si ce n'est en vne affaire pressante, ou pour quelque peu de moments; & mesme encore en ce cas, est-il à propos d'en demander la permission, si vous n'estes, possible, le Superieur de la compagnie.

Cortes appeared at first unwilling to recal his permission, but at last acceded to our wishes, and the seven deserters were obliged to return, under the ridicule of us all.

Russia at once recalled her permission for Roumanian mobilization, but it was too late.

"I am sure you will not regret your permission.

We pass the custom-house, where an official in a cage, with eyes of most oily sweetness, and tongue, no doubt, to match, pockets our gold, and imparts in return a governmental permission to inhabit the Island of Cuba for the space of one calendar month.

My opinion is that the government, by exhibiting confidence in the people and in its own stability, should grant what is asked, then it could freely revoke the permission when it saw that its kindness was being abusedreasons and pretexts would not be wanting, we can watch them.

So, when you were rummaging through my deskwithout my permission, by the way, but that's a detailyou found both wills and concocted your little comedy?

Clement, however, although he told Sebastiano that he should be glad to see him, hesitated to send the necessary permission, and it was not until the month of April 1532 that he set out.

"These are in EnglishI shall have to get Madame de Chastellux to translate them for me some day," and she folded the paper as if to put it away, but there arose such exclamations of disappointment, such gentle entreaties not to be denied the pleasure of hearing the verses, that she yielded to the clamor and signalled Madame de Chastellux her permission to have them read aloud.