14 Verbs to Use for the Word phantasm

I abhor such fanatical phantasms," etc. Should further proof be needed that Florio, Holofernes, and Armado form a dramatic trinity in unity, we can find it in the personal appearance of the Italian.

It will be seen later that neither grief nor amatory passion (dominating the association of our ideas as they do) beget many phantasms.

"While earnest thou gazest Come boding of terror, Comes phantasm and error, Perplexing the bravest With doubt and misgiving.

I give an instance in which the philosophy of savages would lead them not to connect a phantasm of a living man with his death.

In all their formsin the Vedas, in the Neo- Platonists, in Jacob Boehmen, in your Catholic creeds, in Coleridge, and the Germans from whom he borrowed, I have looked at them, and found in them beautiful phantasms of philosophy, . . .

" That they see and hear so many phantasms, chimeras, noises, visions, &c. as Fienus hath discoursed at large in his book of imagination, and Lavater de spectris, part.

My life hath lacked, which wanting, all your cannon, Your banners, vivas, bells that rock the roofs, Throng'd windows, craning facesallallall Were phantasms, were noise.

His brain was in a daze, and he wondered if he had been stricken by some strange madnessif this all was but some passing phantasm that would soon leave him again to his misery and his despair.

It so happened that he was at the time pursuing that elusive phantasm, the application of the laws of classical versification to English poetry.

As a rule, so far as our information goes, it is not recognised phantasms of the dead, in waking vision, which corroborate the savage belief in the persistence of the spirit of the departed.

Narratives about hallucinations coincident with a death, narratives well attested, are abundant in modern times, so abundant that one need only refer the curious to Messrs. Gurney and Myers's two large volumes, 'Phantasms of the Living,' and to the S.P.R 'Report of Census of Hallucinations' (1894).

Of course, the shadow in the sunlight does not resemble the phantasm in a dream.

But the circumstance, already noted, that an Australian lad became a wizard on the strength of having seen a phantasm of his dead mother, proves that such experiences are not common; and Australian black fellows have admitted that they, for their part, never did see a ghost, but only heard of ghosts from their old men.

Dazzled, amazed, our eyes half-blinded, fail, While sweeps the phantasm past our gliding sail Like as in festive scene, some sudden light Rises in clouds of stars upon the night.

14 Verbs to Use for the Word  phantasm