47 Verbs to Use for the Word pills

He had to swallow his pill, and he did it with the best grace possible.

When he is sick he takes anti-bilious pills, like any other man.

Here in Royal Street, in New Orleans, where we people know nothing and care nothing but for meat, drink, and pleasure, he was only Dr. Mossy, who gave pills.

This is wanton excess; it is gilding the golden pill, and throwing fresh perfume on the Mistura Assafoetidae.

He fumbled about in his little dressing-case until he came to a small box containing several white pills.

From one she got pills, from another change, from another packages.

Not that the wiser part of the profession needed him to teach them; but the routinists and their employers, the "general practitioners," who lived by selling pills and mixtures, and their drug-consuming customers had to recognize that people could get well, unpoisoned.

Six plays: Cinderella married, Three pills in a bottle, Columbine in business, The patchwork quilt, Wisdom teeth, Theories and thumbs.

"I think it is you who need the pill!" Rushford's face cleared; they were heart-whole thus farthere could be no doubt of that.

It is, or was, employed in making lightning, and in making pills.

Archie seemed to feel his prosperity the bitterest pill of allreigning like one of the squirearchy at Proudfoot Lawna magistrate forsooth, with his daughter figuring as an heiress.

Here a pebble ridge encloses the tide and forms a natural pill, which a pair of dock gates transforms into a rude harbour.

Shall we to't agen: I have halfe a score pills for my Spanyardsbetter then purging comfitts.

That it must come in the United States, sooner or later, seems to be a foregone conclusion, as the result of natural lawlex dura, sed tamen lexa hard pill, but one which must be swallowed.

Does it mean a compound radium pill Causing vast upheaval and disquiet?

He was sleek, fat, and apparently comfortable, mixing pills when I saw him, he himself a convict and administering to the wants of his brother convicts.

Come, leave all the doctors; resort to the shops Which peddle pills, balsams, elixirs and drops; Each cures ev'ry malady whenever used, Altho' by base slander they're greatly abus'd.

Ten years ago the proudest boast of the Michigan metropolis was that she produced more pills, paint, stoves, and freight-cars than any other American city.

Jefferson himself, in advising the American foreign representatives of the policy of the Government, said that it would be "a fair neutrality"; and, in writing to Madison a few days after the proclamation had been issued, he remarked, "I fear a fair neutrality will prove a disagreeable pill to our friends, though necessary to keep us out of the calamities of war.

This Barrister may be likened to an ignorant but well-meaning Galenist, who writing against some infamous quack, who lived by puffing and vending pills of mercurial sublimate for all cases of a certain description, should have no stronger argument than to extol 'sarsaparilla', and 'lignum vitæ', or 'senna' in contempt of all mercurial preparations.

Into a large pipe, which looked to Angela like a queer, enormous flute with a metal spout halfway down its length, he pushed a pill he had rolled, ramming it in with a long pin, and cooking it in the flame of a small spirit lamp.

And Paul reminds them,a bitter pill to the Jews,that this is taught in the promise made to Abraham four hundred and fifty years before the Law was declared by Moses, by which promise all races and tribes and people are to be blessed to remotest generations.

He'd better roll another pill, get at the cause and then hang the curfew on a few of those town romps.

He said that his lordship was low, very low, and that the pulse was more irregular than he liked, but he committed himself no further than this, and went away, promising to send such pills and potions as were appropriate to the patient's condition.

But say; suppose that doctor's one of these swabs who serve out number nine pills for shell-shock, broken leg, dyspepsia, housemaid's knee and the creeping itch?

47 Verbs to Use for the Word  pills
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