21 Verbs to Use for the Word pinks

Trouble increased as the car whizzed northward; the meows became wilder; mad scrambles agitated the basket; the lid bobbed and creaked; the girl turned a vivid pink and, bending close over the basket, attempted to soothe its enervated inmate.

White shoes, silk stockings that matched and through which glowed the faint pink of firm, healthy, young flesh, lent charm to the costume she wore.

She was dressed in pink, her cheeks were pink, she wore a pink rose in her hair.

But when the rose is crushed by a pink on each side of it, and daisies crush the pinks, and azaleas surround the daisies, there is no beauty and no fitness.

The youthful prince was fond of cultivating pinks, and one of his courtiers, by substituting a floral changeling, persuaded him that one of those pinks planted by the royal hand had sprung up into bloom in a single night!

There was a magnificent sunset that evening, which dyed a snow-topped mountain pink.

She be a bonny little maid, too," he added reflectively, eyeing the chubby pink and white face.

"I wish I had not asked her" and then she stopped abruptly, and grew a deep pink.

" "Aye, they were pearls; but thou shalt have a circlet that wilt not so hide thy pink hued neck.

Rudolf was so keenly interested in the working of these mechanical horses, that he hardly noticed the fine ladies who sat stiffly on the cushioned seats of the carriages, very grandly dressed, and holding beautiful pink and blue parasols over their curled heads.

Leonora has a dragon of a brother who would compel her to marry that pink of empty propriety, Sir Courtly, but she rebels against the admirer selected for her, as all well-bred young women should in plays, and sets her heart upon another.

The cake was then baked in a round tin and when sliced resembled the pink of watermelon filled with black seeds.

This rare excellence was her complexion, which showed a perfect pink and white, without roughness, spot, or blemish, under the strong light of a noonday sun, made more dazzling by its reflection from the snow.

And Richard took it in his hand, an exclamation escaping him as he saw and smelled the fragrant pinks, whose perfume carried him first to Olney and Andy's weedy beds in the front yard, and then to Chicopee, where in Aunt Barbara's pretty garden, a large plant of them had been growing when he went after his bride.

" With this I brazenly snatched a pink rose from those within her arm.

'You've had him at his best, tooin the pink of condition, and trained by Jim Hunter.'

Married a child still playing with her dolls, and sent at once to a convent to learn to read and write, she became a woman the instant her husband became a captive; while he watered his pinks in the garden at Vincennes, she went through France and raised an army for his relief.

Sally, don't you adore the old-fashioned clove-pinks, with their dear, spicy smell?

Drying himself with a rough towel that whipped the pink into his skin, he looked down over his corded, slender limbs, remembered the thick arms and Herculean torso of John Woodbury, and wondered.

Sometimes it would be blue with yellow stripes, then green with red stripes, and anon a lovely pink decorated with purple.

I never noticed nothing 'bout 'er 'cept the pink rose in 'er button-'ole.

21 Verbs to Use for the Word  pinks