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139 Verbs to Use for the Word  pinning

139 Verbs to Use for the Word pinning

The bereaved parent was busily engaged in sticking pins into a wax effigy of Basil, under the direction of Panurgiades, already honourably mentioned in this history.

"What in the world are you talking about?" said Mrs. H, as she took a pin from her mouth, and fastened the band that encircled the waist of the baby.

He didn't care a pin.

NOTE.The use of the hand ax and the pick mattock in organizations equipped with the intrenching tool is authorized for the purpose of driving shelter tent pins.

The auburn hair fell across her face, her lovely curly hair, from which in her excitement she had pulled the pins.

At another time I was lecturing the children in the gallery on the subject of cruelty to animals; when one of the little children observed, "Please, sir, my big brother catches the poor flies, and then sticks a pin through them, and makes them draw the pin along the table."

She found the pins and took off her hat.

A youth still wearing a fraternity pin pretended to lick his downy chops.

Then she turned up the lamp, removed the pins from her abundant hair, shook it down, and began to brush it calmly and carefully.

When the Female Samson had got a good grip of the Giant's belt, and had raised him about five feet from the floor, the Dwarf leaned a little bit forward and ran a pin into the Female Samson's ankle, or thereabouts.

A tremor shook him; he could no longer see her, but he stood where he was, his senses keyed to hear a falling pin within.

He can throw aside a pin that lurks in a ball of wool, or kill a fly that settles on his work, without staining the snowy mass.

He that will steal a pin will steal a better thing.

She had lots of pins in her belt, and she told me that she never passed a pin in that school without pickin' it up, and that she had four hundred and fifty-nine of them now in her room, which she was mighty sorry to leave behind, and that these she had now was this day's pickin' up.

What must she do but buy a small copper breast-pin and put it under "Schoolma'am's" plate that morning, at breakfast?

Arthur displayed a ring set with a splendid white pearl, while Uncle John's box contained a stick pin set with a huge black pearl of remarkable luster.

To this stud an arm is attached which extends to a distance of 2 inches from the centre of the shaft in the opposite direction, and the end of this arm carries a pin of 2-1/2 inches diameter.

"Hope you've got your pins under you again."

SEE Gavian, Ruth Wood. GRUELLE, JOHN B. Raggedy Ann and the left handed safety pin.

When this hour arrives, the Gunta parree, or time-keeper, looks at the vat, and if it appears ready he gets the pinmen to knock out the pin and let the steeped liquor run into the beating vat.

All my life I've wanted a rolling-pin.

We wonder how they saw to pick up a pin, if they had any.

He was delightfully vague about what had happened to him after his glorious day at Epsom, but unfortunately for you the taxi-cab driver who drove him remembered seeing the pin on him when he got out of the cab.

He would station himself at his garden wall, which overhung the river, and watch the progress of a cast-iron bridge in building, asking questions of the architect, and carefully examining every pin and screw with which it was put together.

He has a fine watch, and I gave him a pin and ring last year.

In a moment more he had shaken them off; and before I could intervene, he had seized a belaying pin in either hand, and was hazing them up and down the deck.

No reasonable person would consider holding a circus thereadmission ten pins for boys and five pins for girls.

Nobody saw him do it, but it was easy to prove it on him afterwards, for he dropped the pin on the floor when he had finally got through with it, and everybody recognised it as one of his scarf-pins.

"We'll do well enough; some of you have your sheath knives yet, and the rest can use belaying pins, and capstan bars.

But I determined that I might as well fight there as anywhere else, and, bracing myself against the bunks, I drew my knife and raised the belaying-pin, prepared to begin the attack as soon as my visitor got within reach.

He has a large map of his own dominions; and in each town where troops are stationed he fixes a common pin, and on the head of the pin is a small bit of card, on which are written the names of the regiments, their numbers, and commanding officers, in the town.

The nurse is so unhandy; she tumbles the baby about so roughly, handles it so awkwardly, she will certainly dress it too loosely, or too tight, or leave a pin that will prick it, or some terrible calamity will happen.

Then round and round, and out and in, All day the puzzled sage did spin; In vainit mattered not a pin

I bade him go upstairs To bring me a gold pin; In coal scuttle fell he, Up to his little chin.

"Yes, your voice is all right," approved Nyoda, jabbing a pin into the large felt hat which she was transferring into a tricorn, "but don't kick your feet straight up in front of you that way.

He had then pushed a pin into the figure to produce a hollow sugar figure that would dissolve instantly when touched by the water.

A long journey, like a tall May-pole, though not very beautiful itself, yet is pretty enough, when ornamented with flowers and garlands; it furnishes a sort of cloak-pins for hanging the furniture of your mind upon; and whoever sets out upon a journey, without furnishing his mind previously with much study and useful knowledge, erects a May-pole in December, and puts up very useless cloak-pins.

They had brought with them in the fleet three wooden castles from Normandy in pieces, all ready for framing together, and they took the materials of one of these out of the ships, all shaped and pierced to receive the pins which they had brought cut and ready in large barrels; and before evening had set in they had finished a good fort on the English ground, and there they placed their stores.

There was an injured look upon her face and Miss Milligan, replacing the pins, wondered how it is that nice girls like Esther Coombe never see when they're not wanted.

In some engines the strap encircling the crank pin is fixed immovably to the connecting rod by dovetailed keys, and a bolt passes through the keys, rod, and strap, to prevent the dovetailed keys from working out.

Q.Will you describe the mode of starting the engine? A.I may first mention that when the engine is at rest, the connection between the eccentric and the slide valve is broken, by lifting the end of the eccentric rod out of a notch which engages a pin on the valve shaft, and the valve is at such times free to be moved by hand by a bar of iron, applied to a proper part of the valve gear for that purpose.

I had lost the talismanic pin I always stuck in the bolster of my bed.

The method of securing the cranks pins into the crank eyes of the intermediate shaft consists in the application of a nut to the end of each pin, where it passes through the eye, the projecting end of the pin being formed with a thread upon which the nut is screwed.

I had to brain him wi' a rack-pin; there was nae doin' wi' him.

"The woman would naturally have shrieked when she felt the pin, but she had her mouth full of the Giant, and she couldn't do more than mumble a little in a half-smothered sort of way.

All was the same, except that on the dressing-table was the cushion bearing two diamond pins instead of three.

In Bury's engines a sort of conical plug is used, which is withdrawn by turning the handle in front of the fire box: a spiral grove of a very large pitch is made in the valve spindle, in which fits a pin fixed to the boiler, and by turning the spindle an end motion is given to it, which either shuts or opens the steam passage according to the direction in which it is turned.

He patted her highly glittering hair and adjusted a pin.

We see the fine sense of Mr. Emerson in his advice to hitch our wagon to a star, but there must be a well-seasoned vehicle, with a cunning driver to thrust his pin through the coupling, one not apt to jump out when the axles begin to smoke.

" Caddy bustled herself about, and hurried up the maid-of-all-work in an astonishing manner, and before the company arrived had everything prepared, and looked as trim and neat herself as if she had never touched a rolling-pin, and did not know what an oven was used for.

She had been telling him with great enjoyment of the comic opera they had seen, as she finished putting the hairpins into her freshly smoothed hair, and turned, a pin still in her mouth, in time to be almost abashed by the expression in his eyes as he suddenly drew his wife to him.

Not but what(becoming critical)if I'd been doin' it myself, I should ha' chose pins with smaller 'eds on 'em.

A human thief entering the window would have disturbed this arrangement, and would scarcely risk discovery by attempting to replace it, especially a thief in so great a hurry as to snatch the brooch up without unfastening the pin.

Among the ancient northern nations, it was customary to drink out of large horns, in which were placed small pins, like a scale of distances, and he who quaffed most was considered as a toper of the first magnitude, and respected accordingly.

In the first machines introduced, this was effected by means of a revolving disk, having slots in which worked pins attached to the main shaft and hook shaft respectively.

Then there were the men: busy at this moment with hurling wooden balls along the alley, at the further end of which a hollow-eyed scraggy youth, in shirt and rough linen trousers, was employed in propping up again the fallen nine-pins.

When it had stopped raining, he set out with the old woman; and as soon as they were beyond the boundaries of Shantung they purchased hair-pins and feminine dresses.

Upon reaching the picket-pin, he loosed it so that it could be easily withdrawn; all the time taking good care that his head should not appear above the top of the grass.

The writer to whom I have referred above recommends nine-pins and balls of proper size, as highly useful both for diversion and exercise.

Often did she retreat to examine more correctly the general effect of the coup d'oeil, and as often return to rectify some injudicious pin or remodel some rebellious fold.

When I say 'Go' drop ten of these as fast as you can release the pins.

These men wear dark and generally steel-blue colored jackets, of ample girth, descending to the hips, with pantaloons of a similar hue, a leather apron tied on behind, and a rimless green felt hat which resembles a decapitated nine-pin.

Angus, left alone, pensively restored the safety-pin to the grenade, and laid the grenade upon the ground beside him.

The stuffing of the bag will retain the pin in its position until a slight degree of force is used to withdraw it.

The halves are put together with rebated joints to keep them from separating laterally, and they are prevented from sliding out by round steel pins, each ground into both halves; square keys would probably be preferable to round pins in this arrangement, as the pins tend to wedge the jaws of the eccentric asunder.

And seea convenient pin is introduced in the apparatus for the demonstration of virtual velocities!

With shaking fingers, Angy sought a pin hidden beneath her basque.

He was an old man, shaken with palsy, and he pushed a thing exactly like a pauper's burial-cart, selling pins, tape, scents, and flavourings.

Here were twelve knights, who, without so much as uttering a syllable, were very gravely playing at nine-pins; and as silently was Peter inducted into the office of assistant, namely, in setting up these nine-pins.

The bailiff gave a stamp of impatience with his foot under the table as though he hoped thus to shake out the pin, and then a little dry voice came from Maskew, saying 'I offer 13 a year for the inn.' This fell upon us with so much surprise, that all looked round, seeking as it were some other speaker, and never thinking that it could be Maskew.

One of his hind legs shows a thorough pin.

The Duke thinks my letter does not signify one pin.

The pinmen are busy sorting their pins, rolling hemp round them to make them fit the holes more exactly.

The loose end of the crank pin should be made not spheroidal, but consisting of a portion of a sphere; and a brass bush might then be fitted into the crank eye, that would completely encase the ball of the pin, and yet permit the outer end of the paddle shaft to fall without straining the pin, the bush being at the same time susceptible of a slight end motion.

I can't really stuff another pin or needle in, so pray keep what you have for my furlough.

"The child had probably swallowed a pin.

But I would be glad to see Jerry show up," continued the other, as he tapped each pin a few times, to send them in more securely.

The hole was filled; but another hole, from which Johnnie had taken the dirt, as large as the first, seriously threatened the under-pinning of the building.

While the good lady spoke, she was reverentially unpinning and shaking out of their fragrant folds creamy crape shawls of rich Chinese embroidery,India muslin, scarfs, and aprons; and already her hands were undoing the pins of a silvery damask linen in which was wrapped her own wedding-dress.

Every club was raised, but Bruin was on the alert; he made a charge, upset the man immediately in front, and escaped with two or three thumps on the rump, which he valued not one pin.

"The white mother says it is not right to even waste a pin, and many nice things that have cost much money would be wasted if I drowned them.

First she wished a little pin at her throat, and then she gave it back to the woman and told her to look for another which she well knew would be hard to find.

Brown queried, at the same time withdrawing obediently the little silver pin from his cravat and giving it into Atchison's outstretched hand.

Then in silence she knelt and wove a pin deftly in and out.

The breaking up of the land prepares it for the cleaning process which is performed by what are termed "ladders"; these ladders are made of a few bamboos fixed cross-wise and provided with projecting pins to scratch or open the soil, and to collect the roots of the previous crop; they are the equivalent of our harrows, and may be used repeatedly during the winter and spring seasons so that a fine tilth may be produced.

Mortices, to receive cross-pieces, were cut at proper distances, and holes were bored to admit the pins.

He therefore secretly affixed a nicely crooked pin to the elbow of his sleeve, and, as he lifted the cover, adroitly hooked it into her cap, to which he knew the wig was fastened, and in a twinkling had it off her head, and before she could recover from her astonishment and lay down the soup-ladle he had left the room.

Luckily he was not only very clever, but rich besides; without which, to be sure, his brains would not have availed him a pin.

Happy would it be, if, in banishing needles, they would contrive to banish pins also, and adopt either the plan of Dr. Dewees, or one still more rational.

The sailors were clustered around the boats, some clinging to the davits and others lashed to belaying pins, exhausted by long labor, want of sleep, and constant soakings, but ready to fight for life to the last.

Realest of all, there reposed on Miss Jevne's bosom a bar pin of platinum and diamondsvery real diamonds set in a severely plain but very real bar of precious platinum.

"Recant all you have said," cried Blaize, brandishing the rolling-pin over him.

The better working of cotted wools, which can be brought to a proper condition with far more facility and with diminished risk of breaking pins than before.

A grim meaning rose in the vacuous eye of Lovel; Isaacs caressed his diamond pin, smiling in a sickly fashion; McNamara's wandering stare fixed and grew unhumanly bright; Ufert openly dropped his hand on his gun-butt and stood sullenly defiant.

"Who's that?" said Schwartz, catching up a rolling-pin, and turning fiercely to Gluck.

She also drops a few remarks concerning gentlemen who claim their scarf-pins have been purloined by ladies.

He pounds, and sets up vibrations of pleasant noise; he clashes ten-pins, he blows his whistle, squeezes his rubber horse and man, rattles the newspaper, flings about his bottle and his blocks.

" "Oh, Aunt Allison!" was all that Virginia could gasp in her delight as she clasped the precious pin tightly in her hand.

Next day Kimberley entered his jewellers to consult him concerning a scarf-pin.

8; and a suspension-rod, S, connects the same pin, P, with the upper end of the reversing lever, T, which is operated by the worm and sector.