139 Verbs to Use for the Word pinning

The bereaved parent was busily engaged in sticking pins into a wax effigy of Basil, under the direction of Panurgiades, already honourably mentioned in this history.

"What in the world are you talking about?" said Mrs. H, as she took a pin from her mouth, and fastened the band that encircled the waist of the baby.

He didn't care a pin.

NOTE.The use of the hand ax and the pick mattock in organizations equipped with the intrenching tool is authorized for the purpose of driving shelter tent pins.

The auburn hair fell across her face, her lovely curly hair, from which in her excitement she had pulled the pins.

At another time I was lecturing the children in the gallery on the subject of cruelty to animals; when one of the little children observed, "Please, sir, my big brother catches the poor flies, and then sticks a pin through them, and makes them draw the pin along the table."

She found the pins and took off her hat.

A youth still wearing a fraternity pin pretended to lick his downy chops.

Then she turned up the lamp, removed the pins from her abundant hair, shook it down, and began to brush it calmly and carefully.

When the Female Samson had got a good grip of the Giant's belt, and had raised him about five feet from the floor, the Dwarf leaned a little bit forward and ran a pin into the Female Samson's ankle, or thereabouts.

A tremor shook him; he could no longer see her, but he stood where he was, his senses keyed to hear a falling pin within.

He can throw aside a pin that lurks in a ball of wool, or kill a fly that settles on his work, without staining the snowy mass.

He that will steal a pin will steal a better thing.

She had lots of pins in her belt, and she told me that she never passed a pin in that school without pickin' it up, and that she had four hundred and fifty-nine of them now in her room, which she was mighty sorry to leave behind, and that these she had now was this day's pickin' up.

What must she do but buy a small copper breast-pin and put it under "Schoolma'am's" plate that morning, at breakfast?

Arthur displayed a ring set with a splendid white pearl, while Uncle John's box contained a stick pin set with a huge black pearl of remarkable luster.

To this stud an arm is attached which extends to a distance of 2 inches from the centre of the shaft in the opposite direction, and the end of this arm carries a pin of 2-1/2 inches diameter.

"Hope you've got your pins under you again."

SEE Gavian, Ruth Wood. GRUELLE, JOHN B. Raggedy Ann and the left handed safety pin.

When this hour arrives, the Gunta parree, or time-keeper, looks at the vat, and if it appears ready he gets the pinmen to knock out the pin and let the steeped liquor run into the beating vat.

All my life I've wanted a rolling-pin.

We wonder how they saw to pick up a pin, if they had any.

He was delightfully vague about what had happened to him after his glorious day at Epsom, but unfortunately for you the taxi-cab driver who drove him remembered seeing the pin on him when he got out of the cab.

He would station himself at his garden wall, which overhung the river, and watch the progress of a cast-iron bridge in building, asking questions of the architect, and carefully examining every pin and screw with which it was put together.

He has a fine watch, and I gave him a pin and ring last year.

139 Verbs to Use for the Word  pinning