193 Verbs to Use for the Word pitying

She had fled from the persecutions of the bailiff to seek shelter in Carl's straw-roofed hut; and the now happy lovers, as they surveyed the treasures which had been snatched from the Nibelungen, agreed that they owed their good fortune to Riebezhahl the Wood King, who sometimes taking pity upon the frail and feeble denizens of earth, pointed out to their wondering eyes the inexhaustible riches of which he was the acknowledged guardian.

I know the sick and impotent hatred of me that is seething in your heart; and I feel for you the pity you pretend to entertain toward me.

Cla. 'Tis pity she that thinks it so shou'd want him; the Blessing's thrown away on me, but we are both unhappy to be match'd to those we cannot love.

Feeble denotes decided or extreme weakness, which may excite pity or contempt.

"Such a woman," said Patricia, with distinctness, "deserves no pity.

But he made no complaint, uttered no reproach, and loyally excused Lucindy's desertion with a simple sort of dignity that made it impossible to express pity or condemnation.

"Helplessness and innocence, indeed, which would inspire pity in any heart but theirs, seemed to inspire them only with a more fiendish rage.

When he came forth from the castle he looked up and he looked down, but though he saw some faces that showed pity and some that showed friendliness, he saw none that he knew.

I need no pity for my failures, for although I tossed my cap upon a rare acceptance, my deeper joy was in the writing.

But the people only laughed, for they liked the boy in the village, where his solitary condition moved the general pity, and where he found friendly welcomes and faces in many houses.

Here words fail us; it would be too tame to say with Goedecke, "These heroes act like the forces of nature, in the manner of the hurricane which knows no pity.

They reached Schaffhausen with a number of other rapatriés, in early February, to find there the boundless pity with which the Swiss know so well how to surround the frail and tortured sufferers of this war.

It strikes me as ridiculous now, and I can't help feeling sorry that I wasted so much pity on a man who" "Loves you with all his heart and soul.

She prayed therefore for an interview, and adorned herself in a garb most becoming, but likely to arouse his pity, and so came secretly by night to visit him.

Yet his frown was not for them, nor did his blue eyes pause at any one of them, whereat hope grew within them and with white hands outstretched they implored his pity.

And Shakespeare alone, as declared by Mrs. Jameson, "has dared to exhibit the Egyptian Queen with all her greatness and all her littleness, all her paltry arts and dissolute passions, yet awakened our pity for fallen grandeur without once beguiling us into sympathy with guilt.

On Him I will wait till He hath pity upon me, humbly imploring that by the mighty aid of His Holy Spirit He will touch my heart with greater love to Himself.

Then he began to weave a network of rope and string along each side of the bough, so that the child could not fall off; but finding this rather a long job, and thinking it a pity to balk her of so much pleasure merely for the sake of surprising her the more thoroughly, he resolved to reveal what he had already done, and permit her to enjoy it.

She pities every body who wants pity.

" "What a pity we didn't come in time to meet here when she was playing in London with George Allendale.

Yet still the duke persisted in hoping that the gentle Cesario would in time be able to persuade her to shew some pity, and therefore he bade him he should go to her again the next day.

And so, since, from long usance, the cause of my anguish, instead of growing less, has become greater, the wish has come to me, noble ladiesin whose hearts, mayhap, abides a love more fortunate than mineto win your pity, if I may, by telling the tale of my sorrows.

"Theirs not to reason why, Theirs but to do or die," and whether they "do or die," the mingled suspense, pride, and anguish suffered by their women-kind rouses the pity of the world; but most of all, for the secret of sympathy is understanding, the pity of those who have suffered likewise.

And amidst all this misery no one ever heard Marie Antoinette utter a word to lament her own fate, or to ask pity for herself.

The wretched creatures who strolled or sat about with signs of sickness or wounds upon them disgusted me only, they no longer called forth my pity.

193 Verbs to Use for the Word  pitying