112 Verbs to Use for the Word planes

He went slowly, hoping that Conway would overtake him before he reached the plane.

BEAUDOUIN, FRANK. Pilots, man your planes.

His first thought had been to jump after crying out to Jack, but seeing that his friend had not understood, Frank stuck to his post, trying as well as he knew how to bring the plane to the sea as gently as possible.

Consequently they would be apt to assemble a flotilla of fighting planes in that vicinity, ready to soar aloft and give furious battle to any Allied squadron venturesome enough to make the attempt at destruction.

But tell me, how in all creation kin you ever mount up agin, once you settle there?" "Why that's the easiest thing of all," replied the young aviator; "you've watched a wild duck get up many a time, haven't you, Mr. Quackenboss; well, we do just the same, only instead of flapping our wings, we start the engine, and skim along the surface for a little distance, then elevate the planes, and immediately begin to soar upward.

Going to quit construction here and use planes the rest of the way?

Barney sprang forward impulsively and showed the workmen how to handle the plane.

She had, moreover, a vigorous dislike for young Jack Green the chauffeur who, notwithstanding his airs,perhaps because of them,occupied a much lower plane in her estimation than his brother the schoolmaster.

And then we suddenly saw another plane, this time an Italian, coming from the left, flying high, hard in pursuit.

He succeeded in isolating a substance corresponding in its chemical composition to grape sugar, and also a carbo-hydrate differing considerably from grape sugar, and turning the plane of polarization to the left.

He set the planes and the machine glided to the water, where it came to rest lightly.

Both kept in readiness for work should their turn come, Tom manipulating the plane, and Jack working the rapid-fire gun which he had learned to handle so cleverly.

"There was some talk of another raid for tonight, you remember, Tom," he said, when they once more alighted and gave the plane over into the charge of the hostlers; "and if it turns out that way I only hope we're detailed to go along to guard the bombers.

A.In starting from a station, and also in ascending inclined planes, the feed water is generally shut off; and therefore before stopping or ascending inclined planes, the boiler should be well filled up with water.

But he could in a spirit of maliciousness so utterly destroy the planes, and even injure the powerful little Kinkaid engine that it would be practically fit only for the scrap-heap afterwards.

There were present a number of visitors from the newly formed classes in other parts of the Mission, and as a spirit of revival seemed to pervade their respective localties also, they struck the same plane as those at Waupun.

" "Yes," said John; "must be quite an undertaking getting Smith's tri-plane on the sky-way.

Hunting the sky spies; or, Testing the invisible plane, by Franklin W. Dixon, pseud. of Harriet S. Adams & Edna C. Squier.

Frank was still guiding the plane about occasionally to avoid a chance bullet from the enemy, but at the moment the Germans came close, he had stopped the craft and was peering into the darkness, straining his ears for the sound of a struggle that would tell him Jack was engaged with the enemy.

Not here, as in small machines, could the pilot handle his own engines, tilt his planes, or manipulate his rudders by hand.

Donald Duck pilots a jet plane.

The deflective repulsion exhibited by B will, when its circuit is completed by the commutator and brushes, as described, act to place its plane at right angles to that of C; but being then open-circuited, its momentum carries it to the position just past parallelism, at which moment it is again short-circuited, and so on.

On one side, they were hauling the logs up an inclined plane by water-power; on the other, passing out the boards, planks, and sawed timber, and forming them into rafts.

In one brief fight another pilot drove down three German planes.

He left with an uncanny feeling that the carpenter, breathing softly, had watched him from some hiding-place, and would now come stealthily out to push his plane again.

112 Verbs to Use for the Word  planes