11 Verbs to Use for the Word plannings

It required some planning to arrange matters so that both Andy and his father could be carried at the same time; but Frank had been figuring on this and fixed it in his mind.

She began a swift planning; she caught up a burning brand as she had seen Mark King do, and holding it high made a quick survey, going timidly step by step further from the entrance, deeper into the cavern.

The anatomy of advertising; an analytical approach to campaign planning and advertisement making.

Planning we left for the future.

The idea of such a reconstruction has never been absent from human thought since the days of Plato, and it has been enormously reinforced by the spreading material successes of modern science, successes due always to the substitution of analysis and reasoned planning for trial and the rule of thumb.

This thing has taken careful planning and concerted effort.

After that they talked a long time planning for the future of Comet.

To Murray I attribute the planning of the enterprise I am now about to relate.

The current shift from a laissez-faire economy ("letting nature take her course"), to a planned, managed, controlled economy is a precedent which gives us a foretaste of what will lie ahead when a planet-wide federal government undertakes the planning, direction and management of a planet-wide economy and society.

Nights he fell asleep planning to build a great house and engage her as its servant.

This much of his future he had found worth planning.

11 Verbs to Use for the Word  plannings
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