31 Verbs to Use for the Word plaything

True to his faith in natural impulse, Froebel watched children to see what playthings they found for themselves, or which, among those presented by adults, were most appreciated.

And therefore the marvellously gifted statesman had always a weary gloom in the deep caverns of his eyes, as of a child that has outgrown its playthings, or a man of mighty faculties and little aims, whose life, with all its high performances, was vague and empty, because no high purpose had endowed it with reality.

The King's daughter was full of joy when she again saw her beautiful plaything; and, taking it up, she ran off immediately.

"It's a nice thing that I should have to fetch and carry all your fooling playthings for you; it's a pity you young gen'lemen can't do something for yourselves, instead of bothering me.

the Queen said; "I would have died without lamentation and I was but your plaything!" "Madame Ysabeau!"

Whose bulging sack is pregnant with delight; Who comest in the middle of the night To stuff distracting playthings in the maws Of stockings never built for infant shins, Suspended from the mantelpiece by pins.

She rose to his requirement, dropped The playthings of her life To take the honorable work Of woman and of wife.

The appreciative motion of her eyelashes and the placid lines of her face told how she enjoyed the limpid plaything.

The boys, when they saw him, hastily gathered up their playthings and put them away.

They show this in their love of military parade; what allures them is chiefly the order of it; and even a little child creeping upon the floor will be pleased when he gets his playthings in a row.

"The man advanced in insight," he said, "even when he gives his child a plaything, must make clear to himself its purpose and the purpose of playthings and occupation material in general.

but it was useful as well, and the children kept their playthings in it, or the young ladies their knitting-work and embroidery.

" All the boys turned red enough without being painted; and Richard's father said, quite sternly, "Next time, before you, children, play with, and destroy property, just ask yourselves how you would like your playthings meddled with and broken?" [Illustration: The Busy Bees] Oh!

to have all the pretty women one had waltzed with every evening through the Trades, and the little children one had been making playthings for, holding round one's knees, and screaming to the doctor to save them.

The metaphor is a significant one, and perhaps the following lines of Sir Walter Scott, prefixed anonymously to one of the chapters of the Waverley Novels, may help to throw light upon it: "Death finds us 'midst our playthings; snatches us, As a cross nurse might do a wayward child, From all our toys and baublesthe rough call Unlooses all our favourite ties on earth:

And he took steps that it should be, for he began stealing away Kaviak's few cherished possessionshis amulet, his top from under the bunk, his boats from out the water-bucket, wherewith to mitigate the barrenness of the Yukon tree, and to provide a pleasant surprise for the Esquimer who mourned his playthings as gone for ever.

Ah had all de clothes ah could we ah and all ah could eat and didn't need playthings, couldn't read much, and didn't know where to buy any books.

The Hertzian waves might be all right to operate scientific playthings, they thought, but they were far too uncertain to furnish a medium for carrying messages in any practical way.

I hope these new mechanic meteors will prove only playthings for the learned and the idle, and not be converted into new engines of destruction to the human race, as is so often the case of refinements or discoveries in science.

The block on which these lines are traced, perhaps, Was once selected as the corner-stone 15 Of that intended Pile, which would have been Some quaint odd plaything of elaborate skill, So that, I guess, the linnet and the thrush, And other little builders who dwell here, Had wondered at the work.

"I don't recollec' any playthings us had 'cept a ball my young marster gimme.

In the meantime he could use it freely, but he must remove all his playthings when he was through for the day.

"When we have restored playthings to their place in educationa place which assigns them the principal part in the development of human sympathies, we can later on put in the hands of children objects whose impressions will reach their minds more particularly.

And they scatter their playthings about the street, But though some folks order them off, I say, Let the house be mine where the children play.

They have taken from me this plaything, but with what have they replaced it?...

31 Verbs to Use for the Word  plaything