743 Verbs to Use for the Word pointing

The Church has reached a point where a vast constructive work is to be done.

Their dispute is, in fact, of a most frivolous and unmeaning character; for, if the father was to carry his point, the girls would occasionally sell the productions of their garden, and pay for making their clothes, or even buy them ready made.

After gaining a point about halfway to the top, I was suddenly brought to a dead stop, with arms outspread, clinging close to the face of the rock, unable to move hand or foot either up or down.

Yet Simcoe made appointments without consulting his superior and argued the point after he had been brought to book.

The sun drove up, in one long, steady curve; passed its highest point, and swept down into the Western sky, and disappeared.

" We had secured eight beautiful fish when the Doctor and Smith rounded the point above us.

Instead, I gave him the point of my staff with all my power straight in the midriff.

After she had prayed they would settle the point.

The first step toward rule is to find a point of view from which one can look widely out over the race.

Come with me to this rocky promontory; stand with me on this moss-covered boulder, which forms the point.

He also determined and marked the point at which the western affluent of the Yukon, known as Forty Mile Creek, is crossed by the same meridian line, that point being situated at a distance of about twenty-three miles from the mouth of the creek.

He asked him some question, and they discussed the point volubly, Muckluck following the argument with close attention.

As she anticipated, Roger refused to acknowledge himself guilty of an offence against the church or state; nor would he even yield one point of his religious or political opinions, during a long disputation with the celebrated pastor Hooker.

Until he proves these three points the world will continue to believe that it was Germany alone who cherished "annihilation-plans.

"They, or rather a topping old dog-fox, took us an eleven mile point the other day, which was good enough in that country.

" "My point of view is" "My dear fellow, I know your point of view perfectly.

When Truth presses her point we worry until we can hold out no longer; then we give in.

The Colonel saw the point in a moment, and had no more to say on the subject.

There's the cat: I think she is, but then she wouldn't know when to wake me, and even if I could teach her to wake me the moment Agnes cried, I don't think she would be a nice one to do it; for if I didn't come awake with a pat of her velvety pin-cushions, she might turn out the points of the pins in them, and scratch me awake.

Carleton, naturally anxious about the landward walls, sent some of the British militia to reinforce the men at Cape Diamond, which, as he knew, Montgomery considered the best point of attack.

"Listen to this, will ye!" cried the apparition, as though illustrating a point.

His police-court training had taught him to bring out the salient points of a story, and he was naturally of the opinion that he could tell another man's story better than the man could tell it himself.

As we approached the point, we passed a place where the river widened considerably.

They failed to understand the jury's point of view.

Mary had to decide the point for herself, and quickly; the old man might be seriously ill.

743 Verbs to Use for the Word  pointing