140 Verbs to Use for the Word politic

He talked politics, and a good deal about pictures with some artists who were present.

Politics, however, were forbidden by the government; women were not allowed to hang on the fringe of a meeting held to discuss men's politics.

It was an honor which he appreciated, though he had no desire to enter politics.

Talk of kings, courts, romance, madrigalsbut leave out politics," Rosa cried, remonstratingly.

Maria Teresa was an earnest politician, but she was also a mother; and, as being eager above all things for her daughter's happiness, while she entreated Marie Antoinette to study politics, history, and such other subjects as might qualify her to be an intelligent companion of the king, and so far as or whenever he might require it, his chief confidante, she warned her also against ever wishing to rule him.

I did jest like the others dolike Kleppish is doin' right nowbut the reg'lar voters don't understand politics, and when the howl went up about graft, backed by Kleppish's bought-up newspapers, they turned me down cold.

All eyes were suddenly fastened on the author, who let his satire sleep, and threw politics aside, to be the romancer of his day and for two years the darling of society.

"Are you taking up politics as well as the study of the higher auction?" She sighed, and her eyes were fixed upon him very earnestly, as she declared: "You do not understand me, my friend.

They could not get it through their heads That if they stayed tucked up in beds, Avoiding politics and strife, They'd lead a pleasant, peaceful life.

Having changed his politics, he was no longer the friend of Robert and was willing to aid in his downfall.

Incidentally, any politician or statesman who, at this heart-breaking crisis of the world's life, dares play party politics with our international relations, should be damned forever by the vote of the American people.

I have dropped politics: for I have no reason, no ground, no principle in them, but expediency.

Be the artist wholly and let politics alone.

" "Oh no, Pa, I know that you hate politics.

As time made inroads on Macaulay's strong constitution, he gave up both politics and society in the absorbing interest which he took in his History, confining himself to his library, and sometimes allowing months to pass without accepting any invitation whatever to a social gathering.

But at least, if a man has controlled politics through beer, people generally know it: the subject of beer is too fascinating for any one to miss such personal peculiarities.

But, Madam, there is almost nothing to tell: politics, like the rest of us, have been taking holiday.

In this city (Edinburgh), where there is not one Whig out of twenty men who read the work, many hundreds are sold; and how long the generality of readers will continue to dislike politics, so artfully mingled with information and amusement, is worthy of deep consideration.

He divides practical philosophy into natural law which treats of the justum, politics which treats of the decorum, and ethics which treats of the honestum.

I could repeat many such particular grievances, which must disturb a body politic.

" "My dear captain," resumed the general, with biting suavity, "your frankness does you credit,'an honest man's the noblest work of God,'but we cannot carry on politics in these degenerate times without a certain amount of diplomacy.

I could not, however, understand the reason of it; we professed the same politics, the same "cause," the same battle-cry, the same enemies.

The idea that to transfer Bosnia alone from Austro-Hungarian to Serbian hands would settle anything whatever, fatally ignores alike the laws of geography and those considerations of national sentiment which dominate politics in South-Eastern Europe.

"I voted de 'publican ticket after de surrender, but I didn' bother wid no politics.

There are differences of opinion concerning politics in families now; there always have been, and always will be, unless some process can be devised whereby women will be deprived of the power of thought.

140 Verbs to Use for the Word  politic