234 Verbs to Use for the Word portrait

He declared it was most jaunty and becoming, and Mr. Hepworth said it was especially well adapted to Patty's style, and that he would like to paint her portrait in that garb.

We have all seen John Charteris's portraits, and most of us have read his booksor at least, the volume entitled In Old Lichfield, which caused the Lichfield Courier-Herald to apostrophize its author as a "Child of Genius!

" "Ah, my friend, when hate draws your portrait it is bound to be black.

The official biography by Sir Edward Cook contains three portraits, representing three different stages, which bear out the pituitocentric thesis of her personality and life history.

The late minister, Maouyenshow, took with him the portrait of a beautiful lady, and presented it to the K'ban, who now sends me, his envoy, on purpose to demand the Lady Chaoukeun, and no other, as the only condition of peace between the two nations.

After two or three days he exhibited to me a small portrait, exquisitely painted, of a most lovely young girl, and permitted me to copy it.

"In this great room hang full-length portraits of Henry and Elizabeth.

The windows are of very fine stained glass, the different panes giving portraits of Kings and Princes, under each being depicted battles they had fought.

In two of the characters, Great Mel and Mrs. Mel, are found the pen portraits of Meredith's grandparents.

The next showed me a large full-length portrait, still in the box in which apparently it had travelled, placed upright, supported against a table in the centre of the room.

It was a miniature of himself, very prettily done by an artist who had just executed his portrait for his grandfather.

He has left us a fine and discriminating portrait of Byron in the 'Count Maddalo' of his poem Julian and Maddalo, written in 1818.

as if there were any use in sending a man a portrait of a woman he is to see every day.

I report to your Majesty that Hanchenyu, the leader of the northern foreigners, sends an envoy to declare that Maouyenshow has presented to him the portrait of the princess, and that he demands her in marriage as the only condition of peace.

I know that she placed on view in her parlor for the first time a crayon portrait of Potts in his early manhood, one made ere life had broken so many of its promises to him, the portrait of one who might conceivably have enchained the fancy of even a superior woman.

Lushington had once told her that great politicians and great financiers were always great comedians, and now that she remembered the saying it occurred to her that Mr. Van Torp reminded her of a certain type of American actor, a type that has a heavy jaw and an aggressive eye, and strongly resembles the portraits of Daniel Webster.

Pamphlets and caricatures gave her a new nickname of "Madame Deficit;" and such an impression to her disfavor was thus made on the minds of the lower classes, that a painter, who had just finished an engaging portrait of her surrounded by her children, feared to send it to the exhibition, lest it should be made a pretext for insult and violence.

He has in rare hours the power of producing the portraits of persons whom you have loved, but whom he has never seen.

I sent my artist to Bologna, with orders to place the copy in the gallery and to introduce the portrait of the lady; it was a freak of fancy; I meant it for a surprise; as I felt sure, that, if you saw the picture, you would secure it.

Though the critic may step forth and say, like Hamlet when he held up the two portraits to his wretched mother, Have you eyes?

"Remember that portrait, Stafford?" asked Sir Stephen, with a smile.

"Yes, Isabella." "Georgina has very properly recalled to me that candles and lamps make a very poor light for viewing the family portraits.

I ride out occasionally with him; shall begin his portrait next week.

His reason for the suggestion being that a branch of the family possessed a crayon portrait of some relation, which was supposed to resemble the great discoverer.

For a long time, he had no measure of it, Jack sat studying the portrait, set clear in many scenes of memory in review.

234 Verbs to Use for the Word  portrait
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