58 Verbs to Use for the Word postures

It is a spectacle to witness in some of the gymnastic institutes venerable and dignified gentlemen going through comical motions and assuming ridiculous postures with great activity and zeal, keeping time to the music of a band in the adjoining café.

The skirmishes of quadrille, she would say, reminded her of the petty ephemeral embroilments of the little Italian states, depicted by Machiavel; perpetually changing postures and connexions; bitter foes to-day, sugared darlings to-morrow; kissing and scratching in a breath;but the wars of whist were comparable to the long, steady, deep-rooted, rational, antipathies of the great French and English nations.

The old man maintained more or less the posture of writing, but his thoughts were occupied in pitying himself and pitying Peter.

It is to be hoped he will soon be entirely cured, and that the next time he undertakes it, he will take an upright position, and not adopt the stooping posture.

After that lapse of time he resumed his sitting posture, and inquired, "And where do you live, Marchioness?" "Live!" cried the small servant.

Our affairs with France retain the posture which they held at my last communications to you.

A tall smooth-shaven man, with an ugly scar down one cheek, lay outstretched on a divan at the foot of the after mast, his very posture proclaiming him dead.

What adult would be willing to sit in so painful a posture, with his legs dangling?

In a word, let us utilise the next twenty minutesduring which Miss Hugonin drives to the neighbouring railway station, in, if you press me, not the most pleasant state of mind conceivableby explaining a thought more fully the posture of affairs at Selwoode on the May morning that starts our story.

I saw his postures, heard him rave and cry, 'Twas I that kill'd Erminia, yes 'twas I; Then from his almost frantick Head he'd tear Whole handfuls of his well-becoming Hair: Thus would he, till his Rage was almost spent, And then in softer terms he would lament: Then speak as if Erminia still did live, And that Belief made him forget to grieve.

He at one time started with astonishment, and at another shifted his posture, like a man who is unable longer to endure the sensations that press upon him.

Before they went off they danced, making ridiculous postures and gestures for above an hour, all stark naked; but whether men or women, or both, I could not perceive.

He swiftly took in the posture of the sleeping boy and a smile spread over his countenance.

She would have exchanged her reclining posture for that of the others, but her mother gently drew her down to her former position.

That master's hand which to the life can trace The airs, the lines, and features of the face, 40 May with a free and bolder stroke express A varied posture, or a flatt'ring dress; He could have made those like, who made the rest, But that he knew his own design was best.

The gymnast will be surprised at the new feeling of vigor in the back and shoulders, and to find the upright, military posture as natural as it was before difficult to maintain.

But by this time I had got a comfortable posture on the rock, and my left shoulder was towards him.

(1824) 'Mr. Shelley died, it seems, with a volume of Mr. Keats's poetry "grasped with one hand in his bosom"rather an awkward posture, as you will be convinced if you try it.

At sight of them the soldiers brought their pieces up to a salute, and held the posture rigidly until the second dead man in his yellow box had joined the company of the first dead man in his.

7. C'est vne inciuilité insupportable d'allonger son corps en estendant les bras, ou de faire differents postures.

I have seen him stand bare-headedsmile if you pleaseto a poor servant girl, while she has been inquiring of him the way to some streetin such a posture of unforced civility, as neither to embarrass her in the acceptance, nor himself in the offer, of it.

The old man's sudden breaking out in this way turned every face towards him, and each kept his posture as if changed to stone.

Do you think I only correspond with you to know the posture of the Spaniards or the épuisements of the Princess!

Nor is much more service to be expected, sir, from their riders, than from the horses, for there are very few of them acquainted with the first elements of their profession, or who have ever learned more than a few postures of exercise, and the meaning of a few words of command, but have a number of officers with large appointments.

He never lost the kingly posture.

58 Verbs to Use for the Word  postures