149 Verbs to Use for the Word potatos

So they went gayly to work, setting the table and peeling potatoes, which Mrs. Gilligan proceeded to fry, and enjoyed themselves immensely.

Then add 3 potatoes cut into dice pieces, 1 onion sliced thin, 1 cup of hot water, and 1/2 teaspoonful of paprica.

Peel and boil potatoes in salted water until tender; drain and mash with a lump of butter.

I never eat potatoes, and many well-meaning persons are greatly concerned over itthey regard the exclusion of potatoes from one's dietary as almost criminal.

For the same purpose, he worked at raising potatoes, green corn, and peas.

I'll learn him to do things about the houseto boil the kettle, and cook the wittels, and gather the firewood, and mend the clothes, and do the washing, and draw the water, and milk the cow, and dig the potatoes, and mind the sheep

They showed a delightfully child-like trust in Nature and her methods, for in the springtime, instead of planting their potatoes in the ground the way they saw other people doing it, they sprinkled them around the "fireguard," believing that the birds of the air strewed leaves over them, or the rain washed them in, or in some mysterious way they made a bed for themselves in the soil.

Put the butter into a frying or sauté pan, set it over the fire, and let it get very hot; peel, and cut the potatoes into long thin slices; put them into the hot butter, and fry them till of a nice brown colour.

" He showed her a little stick he had in his hand, and she said, "I don't think you could hurt them much with that, and if they will be naughty and steal the potatoes, you have to drive them out.

Peel and cook some new potatoes with 1 sliced onion, salt and pepper, until tender.

Peel and slice 6 raw potatoes very thin; then beat 1 egg with 1 tablespoonful of butter.

It was just quietly growing potatoes.

Mrs. Morris, knowing that her boys would be very hungry, had Mary broil some beefsteak and roast some potatoes for them; and didn't they smell good!

Does it make my mouth cold to be good, d'ye s'pose?" "La, me, I don't know," replied the girl, washing a potato vigorously.

When it was done, and they had moved in, they took up the potatoes, and after that there was the corn to get in.

But when he saw that she had hoed the potatoes after all he was not pleased.

To have this dish in perfection, a portion of the fillet of the sirloin should be used, as the meat is generally so much more tender than that of the rump, and the steaks should be cut about 1/3 of an inch in thickness. Time.5 minutes to broil the steaks, and about the same time to fry the potatoes.

Peel 3 large potatoes and lay in salted water half an hour; then grate the potatoes; add pepper, salt, 3 eggs and a large spoonful of flour.

They have come out to talk and enjoy the coolness of the evening, and, in order that their tender consciences may not prick them for being idle, they are paring potatoes, and getting ready other vegetables for the morrow.

A casserole of potatoes, which is often used for ragoûts instead of rice, is made by mashing potatoes rather thickly, placing them on a dish, and making an opening in the centre.

Why, I loaded you with good things yesterday, I gave you more Potatoes, squash an' turkey than you'd ever had before.

" "Heads and ears and tongues," I said; "you ought to have brought some potatoes, so we'd have eyes."

Jenny, it is most time to think of putting over the potatoes.

There I saw his potatoes, some lying to dry where they had been dug up, others in sacks.

2. Curried rabbit, with boiled rice served separately, cold mutton, mashed potatoes.

149 Verbs to Use for the Word  potatos