101 Verbs to Use for the Word presidents

A certain number of men are elected by the stockholders to be directors, and these directors elect a president.

The council chooses its own president and vice-president.

"Has any boy done anything about blinders and check-reins?" asked the president, after a time.

MENCKEN, HENRY L. Making a president.

And you haven't met our president yet.

Kate pushed her father from before her and again addressed the president.

The two overheard Jerry Koswell and his cronies talking, learned Jerry did the trick, came back and told me, and" "You told the president," finished Sam.

Terrence left the president and went over to the Continental House to see how Mr. Crane, the worthy secretary, looked with a rotten apple bandaged over each eye.

The General appointed the presidents of colleges and of the religious houses; he admitted or dismissed, dispensed or punished, at his pleasure.

I remember quite well seeing a president (I have forgotten which one now) come into the big drawing-room at the old Cozzen's Hotel at West Point, with two or three gentlemen with him.

The doctor took the paper and rushed out into the street waving the paper frantically in the air, cursing the president at every step.

He informed the president that the success of such an enterprise depended on having armed vessels on Lake Erie, with a competent force in the northwest to protect the American frontier against the Indians.

This word Abba, in the Syrian tongue, signifies a father, by which name the heads of monasteries are still called; and by the same name, hermits in times past, being holy men, called their presidents: at last, by use, it was also made a Latin word.

"Mr. Rankin of the German embassy was on guard at the door?" demanded the president quickly.

The reason is obvious: we run a railroad efficiently by getting a good president and giving him arbitrary control; why not a university?

The purpose of these precautions is to make sure that the vote of the state may not be lost, but shall without fail reach the president of the senate.

This is to secure two objects: first, to relieve the president of the burden of appointing thousands of such officers; and second, to place the appointment in the hands of the officers responsible for the work of these subordinates.

"The one was because it is near Hope Seminary and the other is because I happen to know the president, Dr. John Wallington, quite well; in fact, we went to school together.

I like the president and your uncle was very fine.

STARLING, EDMUND W. Starling of the White House; the story of the man whose Secret Service detail guarded five presidents from Woodrow Wilson to Franklin D. Roosevelt, as told to Thomas Sugrue by Colonel Edmund W. Starling.

"In this country, power to make such a surrender is conferred upon the executive [Footnote: This of course means the president, as states cannot treat with foreign powers.]

His hospitality was greater than that of any preceding or succeeding president.

The MANUMISSION SOCIETY in this city, formed in 1785, with JOHN JAY its first, and ALEXANDER HAMILTON its second president, might, from its name, be supposed to be affiliated with the American.

And so, when he faced the president, he was in no conciliatory mood.

" "Can that be possible?" cried the president.

101 Verbs to Use for the Word  presidents