279 Verbs to Use for the Word proofs

He took an intense interest in all that concerned the welfare of the College, and gave many proofs of his affection, one of the last being a donation of £500 last year towards its redecoration.

The soft and silky locks that fell in graceful curls beside his cheeks afforded manifest proof of his youthfulness.

That the creatures should so soon have found the door wasto mea proof of their reasoning capabilities.

"Does not Greece," said I, "furnish the clearest proof of the influence of moral causes on the character of nations?

We need not this proof to confirm thy Loyalty; Nor am I yet so barren of Rewards, But I can find a way, without depriving Thy noble Head of its victorious Wreaths, To crown another's Temples.

That Robert was an ordinary Christian name requires no proof; and if it was, the combination of Robert Hood must have been frequent also.

They had but a short time previously received the first proof of their father's weakness.

I have brought you the proofs.

"But Mr. Fox, I wanted some real proof.

Finding argument thus unavailing, I produced visible and tangible proofs of the truth of my narrative.

On May 26 she was able to correct the proof of Morning Stars, on the text, "I am the bright and morning Star;" and then, as her sister says, the pen so long used in the service of her King was laid down.

But now, this world not seeing in these days Such present proofs of our all-daring power, Disdains our name, and seeketh sundry ways To scorn and scoff, and shame us every hour.

The witch of Endor, therefore, might be a common fortune-teller, and her case exhibits no direct proof of supernatural possession.

Now, in the Mediterranean, Nature offers a remarkable experimental proof of just the kind needed.

Surely it is a shame when Caesar, who has just emerged from boyhood and was recently registered among those having attained years of discretion, shows such great interest in the State as to spend his money and gather soldiers for its preservation that we should neither ourselves perform our duty nor coöperate with him even after obtaining a tangible proof of his good-will.

Oh! sland'rous tongues, A Prince fresh from his smock, Shows manly proof if he can stand The battle shout and shock.

Sometimes he thought his wife honest, and at times he thought her not so; sometimes he thought Iago just, and at times he thought him not so; then he would wish that he had never known of it; he was not the worse for her loving Cassio, so long as he knew it not: torn in pieces with these distracting thoughts, he once laid hold on Iago's throat, and demanded proof of Desdemona's guilt, or threatened instant death for his having belied her.

" 'Before publishing the Lusiad, I sent Mr. Hoole a proof of that part of the introduction, in which I make mention of Dr. Johnson, yourself, and other well-wishers to the work, begging it might be shewn to Dr. Johnson.

"What I said was a 'roguish' smile; but there's been a typographical error which Miss Briggs must have overlooked in reading the proof.

He adduces proofs of this, position.

Here was convincing proof of the kindly hand of the Prussian Gott.

This report contains full and pleasant proof of the success of the schools; but it contains also full proof of a fact which is anything but pleasantof the existence in Liverpool of a need for such an institution.

It was only when I came to speak to the dog, that I discovered tangible proof, that something did happen.

Had Germany possessed any proof that French officers in disguise were organizing preparations in Belgium, or that French airmen had crossed the latter's territories in order to drop bombs by Wesel, etc., then Bethmann-Hollweg would have had no reason to admit in the Reichstag that his country was committing a breach of international law.

This soda preparation is used commercially in making garments fire-proof, and Joe had learned this from Mr. Herbert Waldon, the chemist.

279 Verbs to Use for the Word  proofs