121 Verbs to Use for the Word prophecies

The reptile had crept up the faggot last sent him, and fulfilled the prophecy.

The very next day, the santon or dervis Hamet Aben Zarrax, who had uttered prophecies and excited commotions on former occasions, suddenly made his appearance.

This was why Montezuma and his subjects received the whites as expected guests, and quoted to them prophecies of their coming.

But I recall the half-smiling prophecy of my naval host, in the middle of March, as we stood together on the deck of his ship, looking over his curtseying and newly-hatched flock of destroyers gathered round him in harbour.

My notes record "this is a most important day for Julius in problem 2;" but subsequent results do not clearly justify this prophecy.

The books were found to contain prophecies and invaluable directions regarding Roman policy, but alas, they were no longer complete.

Mr. Boudinot observed, that the gentleman had overlooked the prophecy of St. Peter, where he foretells that among other damnable heresies, "Through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandize of you."

Vergil, however, introduces a new "messianic" element into the symbolism of his poem, for he measures the progress of the new era by the stages in the growth of a child who is destined finally to bring the prophecy to fulfillment.

And, though the lad had no idea he was making a prophecy, that is just what actually occurred.

She would not let him hypnotize her into believing his prophecy.

I never laid my head on my pillow, I suppose, from the fourth to the seventh or eighth year of my lifeso far as memory serves in things so long agowithout an assurance, which realized its own prophecy, of seeing some frightful spectre.

Next morning before departing, Donnel repeated to Mave Sullivan his prophecy of the happy and prosperous marriage.

For it was foretold that such a young sorcerer as you would bring to me, who have long been the silliest King that ever reigned over the Peohtes, this feather which confers upon its owner perfect wisdom: and for you to dispute the prophecy would be blasphemous.

If I did not fulfill his too high prophecy that "in addition to your artistic eminence, I feel that you will achieve a solid social position, make yourself a great woman, and take a noble place in the history of your time," I was the better for his having made it.

But how little did I know that in that lie I was speaking a prophecy!

His dying words had proved a grim prophecy, which, encouraged by the pressure of the senators, induced the Signoria to order a re-investigation of his case, whereby the manes of this dishonored servant of the State were re-instated in that serene favor now so worthless.

In reading the prophecies of Jeremiah and Isaiah, we perceive that those prophets spoke of our Saviour almost as though they had lived with him on the earth.

I have also seen the Prophet Malachy hidden beneath this same roof: he there wrote his prophecies concerning the Blessed Sacrament and the Sacrifice of the New Law.

We carried our prophecy further and predicted that the headlong passions of Charles the Rash would soon result in his death or overthrow.

" "What prophecy do you mean, dear mother?" eagerly inquired Ernest.

He attacked the horsemen furiously with sword, and mace, for he had heard the prophecy, which declared that Kai-khosráu was destined to be the king of kings, and therefore he braved the direst peril with confidence, and the certainty of success.

Tacitus, Suetonius, and Josephus, applied to Vespasian the prophecies that regarded the Messiah.

I leave you this prophecy in black and white.

To me, these interviews represent only prophecies of her mind; yet, considered in this way, they are, if not ghostly, spiritual facts of high beauty, and which cast light on the state of the soul after its separation from the body.

Near the small log which blazed brightly on the hearth, in a low chair made somewhat easy with cushions, sat a fair, fragile-looking, girlish figure, in whose mournful dark eyes was something so pathetic that it suggested the old-time prophecy that such "die young."

121 Verbs to Use for the Word  prophecies